Last night, a few friends and I were fortunate enough to get great tickets to see singer Nerina Pallot.

Originally hailing from Jersey, Nerina has put a firm stamp on the global music scene with hits I’m sure you’re familiar with, such as, ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’ and ‘Put Your Hands Up’.

It was another beautifully sunny day in Jersey, so I opted for a summery orange dress from H&M coupled with my blue wedges from Newlook and a splash of Barry M’s cool blue nail polish! The sun was still shining brightly on the marina below when it came time for me to head off to the Jersey Opera House


Arriving at the Opera House, I met up with friends Donna, Kristen and Lou for a tipple of wine before we took our seats in the auditorium. The only slight downside to the establishment is that you aren’t allowed glass in the auditorium, so we we’re left with the rather classy ‘Sauvignon in a plastic cup’ scenario! NOT my favourite thing!

Photo 26-07-2014 20 44 03
Photo 26-07-2014 20 38 31Photo 26-07-2014 20 42 17Finally, we finished off our quick catch up on our lives and headed through in anticipation of the show, the whole place was packed out from floor to ceiling! That didn’t matter to us however, as we were fortunate enough to be in the front rows and could practically have touched the talented Jersey singer!

Photo 26-07-2014 20 54 50 Photo 26-07-2014 21 02 17   Photo 26-07-2014 22 06 30 Photo 26-07-2014 21 06 36

When it came time for the final encore, Nerina threw out the choice of song to the audience, an opportunity I was not going to miss out on! I promptly called out ‘All Bets Are Off’ please! Which is my favourite Nerina song. Much to my delight, she politely accepted and I went off happy in the knowledge I had been able to choose the final song of the evening!

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