Our annual summer trip to Cannes finally arrived, and I for one, couldn’t wait to dip my toes in the refreshing pool, and work on my horizontal pose for a couple of weeks!

As is customary for the Cannes trip, we booked our British Airways flights (both mine and my mans favourite airline!) from Jersey to Gatwick and finally on to Nice. Which unfortunately meant an ungodly start time of 4:30am, but needs must!

Despite the early hour, we decided that no stop off in Gatwick is complete without a visit to the Caviar house. So we arranged to meet the rest of the travellers there and indulged in a little tipple to get us in the holiday mood!



Arriving at the family home in Mandelieu was a welcome breath of fresh air. Amazing views, a nice cold glass of rosé and beaming sunshine. I of course dived straight in the pool and followed with an obligatory sausage leg shot to send to friends!





My sunnies are from Ralph Lauren and the Mr’s are from Porsche Design. Bikini from Accessorize and my necklace I’ve had for ages, is from Swarovski.




W opted for a little sun nap after such an early start … Which I decided to take full advantage of, for my own amusement! (Don’t worry, I only left it for a minute, I wasn’t that cruel!)


I totally love W’s shorts, he has a few funky pairs from Vilebrequin and always gets great compliments on them, check out their website here.

After a little splashing and sunning, we both went for an early night after all the traveling, ready for a busy day of relaxation in the morning.

Some friends of ours were staying at the Pullman Royal Casino Hotel just down the road, so we arranged to join them for drinks and sun soaking the following day. Service at the Pullman is always fab, we wanted for nothing and the staff are so polite and attentive. We sipped champagne, swam in the sea and pulled silly faces to our hearts content!




After all the heat and bubbles, dinner was definitely on the menu! We popped up the road to a little restaurant called Le Robinson. It’s completely reasonably priced, with a delicious traditional menu; although there are a few experimental dishes thrown in, which I have to say, are very good!





My only little niggle was that it was soooo dark! Which unfortunately means my pics of the food are terribly fuzzy and do not do them justice, Sorry! I’m all for a little romantic mood lighting and candles, but this was a little extreme! However, W and I still enjoyed a delicious starter of king prawns with the most delicious leek accompaniment, which I’d have never put together, but was totally gorgeous. We followed with fairly predictable pizza’s each! Not a nice as the starter, but perfectly acceptable.




Finally we headed back to the comfort of our beds, with full bellies and feeling suitably relaxed, ready for the the fun that lay ahead of us for the rest of the week, but more on that later! 🙂

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