So, I know I’ve kind of done this backwards, but the wedding was simply too good not to post first!

Anyway, I’m finally getting around to the Hen Party now! I have to say, it was a surprisingly tame affair as far as my experience of hen parties goes, but much more classy, enjoyable and memorable! All of which makes it the best I’ve attended!

My partner and I headed off together into Cannes, the boys were having the stag party at CBeach, so we had a little stroll along the front before heading our separate ways.





We were greeted by our very own, very dishy, waiters on arrival … Which tends to be the case in most places in Cannes. It’s the home of the ‘beautiful people’ after all, which I’m sure is another way of saying ‘nice looking girls and guys who make you want to buy more drinks!’. Anyway, it’s a hen party … No one was complaining!

After taking up a beach mattress each, the fun began in Champagne style for the beautiful bride to be!



After a few too many champagnes, I’m afraid some of us may have fallen victim to this man’s sales pitch… But who doesn’t love a hen party souvenir! Cue hats galore!


Once the hats were in, the champagne was flowing and the impressive view was making us forget all about the real world, we slipped into a photo shoot frenzy on the beach! Some very kind (and patient!) passers by helped out with a few shots! (The masks are of Mr Greg Mansell, the groom, incase you were wondering!)









I’m afraid to say that the camera took a little bit of a rest after this point (probably for the best!). We whiled away the afternoon chatting and indulging on lunch and champagne on the beach, before heading back along La Crioisette, with a very brief stop at Baoli Beach Club!



W and I met up and found our way home together, where we spent the rest of the evening relaxing by the pool and chatting about our day. What an idyllic place for a memorable hen party, I will certainly be back to reminisce in future!

You can find out more about L’Ecrin here, enjoy!

M x

One thought

  1. Hey! Just saw your page, the hen do looked like lots of fun. I am in the process of organising a hen do for my best friend in Cannes and was wandering what kind of activities are available


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