Nothing finishes off a hard days shopping better, than a well earned trip to a good local delicatessen.


After treating myself to a few goodies from Ugg Australia, we appeased our appetites at Relish Delicatessen, a local store which has just moved from the market, into larger premises on the high street.


The delicatessen itself has a restaurant side and a shop side. The shop sells an array of cheeses, meats, rillettes (from locally sourced ingredients, no less) and also has a great selection of wines.

We have purchased numerous delicacies from here before, but on this occasion we were simply looking for an afternoon snack!

I opted for the French cheese board off the menu, you can choose your own selection if you prefer though. W plumped for a meat and cheese platter.










The cheese board was fantastic and the home made chutney was delicious! W thoroughly enjoyed his platter too, which had an unexpected addition of one of local Rillettes thrown in, lovely!

With Champagne in hand for me and a glass of Sauvignon for him, we rounded off our day of ‘hard work’ people watching and chatting about my new purchases. All in all, a successful day at the office!

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