Tassili is my favourite restaurant in Jersey.

This Michelin Star restaurant has everything. Great decór, a well travelled sommelier with fascinating stories, an award winning menu, a creative and individual Chef, a wine list shortlisted for numerous awards on many occasions and prices that don’t break the bank!

The most appealing part for me however, is that they serve my absolute favourite starter and I have yet to find anything that comes close to being as good! Have you any suggestions of what I might try?





Tassili is located within the 5* Grand Jersey Hotel in Jersey. There is an enormous amount of history to this hotel as it has been opened since 1890 and was even used by the Nazis during the occupation. The actual foundation stone of the hotel is located within Tassili restaurant, so be sure to check it out if you have the opportunity to visit.

The menu is amazing, with many different options such as tasting menus or simply the A La Carté, which is what we opted for on this occasion. The evening was a special occasion, as it was an early birthday treat from me to W.

Here’s a few pics of what we chose to devour!





Please do try the pepper infused butter if it’s available when you go! it’s great. Of course, the salted Jersey butter is just as good, as it is a local delicacy in its own right! The Amuse Bouche unfortunately didn’t last long enough for a picture, nor can I now recall what it was! But I can assure you, it was delicious! It also changes every evening, so you’ll always be surprised!

The other tasty morsel on the other hand, deserved lots of pictures! This is THE starter I was telling you about before; Beetroot salad, goat’s cream and fritters, Iberico ham, Marcona almonds …. Just amazing, I never tire of it!

Birthday boy went for the Foie Gras, coated in Chocolate for his starter, and then our beautiful main courses arrived…








W had an extra course of fish given to him by the restaurant, as a birthday treat! Very sweet and very much appreciated, he loved it! For main course I had a succulent venison dish with Haggis Bon Bon, and W had locally caught lobster, with a crab dressing and various other emphasising flavours … Check out the menu I linked to above for the most recent menu details!

My description of lunch or dinner here (both are amazing!) really can’t do it justice. The A la Carté menu is currently around £55 per person for 3 courses (plus Amuse Bouche and Pre-Dessert), whilst the lunch menu on Friday or Saturday is just £24.95 per person for 3 courses, amazing value, I’m sure you’ll agree! You can book by emailing reception@grandjersey.com or calling +441534 722301.

If you get chance to go, please send me a pic or let me know how you get on, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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