One of the highlights of my Jersey summer calendar, is ladies day at the races.

What’s your favourite summer calendar date? I’d love to hear what you just can’t do with missing out on!

I came across this set of snaps the other day and, since the cold windy weather seems set to stay a while, I decided to relive the whole glorious day through my blog!

I get excited about this event every year. It’s always filled with a great crowd, stunning outfits and plenty of laughs with the girls! Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be able to treat a wonderful group of ladies to a day out at the races.

We bustled into our taxis just before noon, and headed up to Les Landes Racecourse. In my eagerness to get the day started, we were obviously the first to arrive … being fashionably late is just overrated nowadays!


After finding our table in the expansive marquee, we settled in to sample our vino. One of my lovely companions had just met the infamous Chico the previous evening (made ‘famous’ for his song, Chico Time’), which inevitably, made our choice of red wine rather funny for us!


Naughty Chico!! AKA Norte Chico!

We *maaay* have forgotten to get any pics of the food unfortunately, but since we arrived around two hours before lunch was served, we thought it was probably best to dive straight in and get some sustenance after all the wine!

But it was lovely food, as always, provided by Niche Events Catering. We started with a delicious mixed starter of cold salads, meats and fish, I opted out of the fish since I’m not really a big fan, which apparently is not considered PC being in Jersey! This was followed by a selection of hot meats, vegetarian lasagne, noodles, hot vegetable accompaniments and salads again. A perfectly light meal for a hot summers day! Dessert was a choice of lots of mini treats; cheesecakes, cheese and biscuits, mousses, chocolate… Just yum!

Anyway, enough about the food, on to the fun and games! We chatted around the table, laughing, joking and posing for a few snaps!













We made a few bets around the table and prepared ourselves for the winnings to come rolling in; although considering we all mainly chose our bets based on the colours of the jockey’s outfit, or name of the horse, we weren’t really assured of anything! But hey, everyone loves a strong name or a pretty outfit, right?!

After conceding the fact we weren’t going to hit the big time and be able to retire from our expertly chosen bets, we headed outside to bathe in the sunshine and admire the beautifully formed horses from the races. (Apologies for photo quality, it was quite difficult to get a good, up close picture of the horses due to the crowd!)





We rounded off our afternoon with more sun worshipping and admiring of our surroundings. It’s a day I won’t forget in a hurry, with amazing company from some lovely ladies. I’m already looking forward to the same again next year!

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