This Christmas was mine and W’s first in our new home. 

We moved in to our apartment together back in April, so decided we would take a break from spending Christmas Day with his parents, in order to celebrate our first Christmas in the apartment together.

We had already completed our shopping for our first lovely Christmas tree and had our fun decorating it. Our gifts to one another were safely wrapped under said tree, ready for us to devour them upon waking!  Well, that was the plan at least!


Unfortunately I have a somewhat impatient nature, and W had already spent weeks keeping me from opening all my presents! So on Christmas Eve, as soon as the clock struck midnight, W allowed me to dive in and furiously unwrap my gifts … it only took about 1 minute before he then joined me! I know it’s not quite tradition to open all your gifts in the first few hours of Christmas Day, but I just couldn’t resist, as you can see from the aftermath!

I received some absolutely lovely presents from W, I have to say, he did an amazing job this year and I was thoroughly spoilt! I received a few vouchers from family to use on clothes, which I’ll share with you another time! My favourite presents by far however, were my new camera and my gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes! I treated him to a few nice gifts too, here’s a little selection of our top pressies. What were your favourite gifts this year?

After all the fun of opening our gifts, I moved on to preparing my first ever Christmas Dinner! As we’ve always had dinner with our families, I’ve never had the cooking responsibility before, so I was looking forward to getting stuck in! First things first though, a little tipple to help with the cooking marathon!

Now as it was our first Christmas just the two of us in our new(ish) home, we decided to go slightly overboard and made a HUGE amount of food for just us!  We opted for a large succulent cut of Chateaubriand accompanied by Yorkshire Puddings, Cheesy Leeks, Dauphinoise & Roast Potatoes, Stuffing, Brussel Sprouts, Honey Roast Carrots & Parsnips, Cauliflower Cheese and Red Cabbage … told you it was enormous!  But before all that, we even had the audacity to start with a smoked salmon and prawn cocktail!

Clearly my food photography needs a little more work, but you get the general idea of just how much food we had, it lasted quite a while! After a marathon day of cooking, we finally settled down to tuck in to our delicious dinner.

Of course we couldn’t forget to include our little hamster in the celebrations too, Squishy joined us for a little nibble after dinner, it’s his first Christmas too, so he celebrated by tucking into walnuts and hamster treats!

We all had a thoroughly cracking Christmas Day in our first home together, one which I’m sure we’ll always remember. I hope you enjoyed yours too?

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