I should warn you now, this is likely to be a long post, I had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, so obviously have lots to ramble about … you may want to grab a glass of wine to get through it! (seriously!)

New Year’s Eve always seems to be blown out of proportion each year. I find people tend to fall into one of two categories. I find people tend to fall into one of two categories. We either make extravagant arrangements to get away or get fully immersed in the celebrations and spirit of New Year at home with friends or a party just for two. Or you have the other end of the scale, the New Year’s Eve haters, who simply can’t stand the idea of a busy overpriced night in a crowded bar or restaurant, especially after the recent Christmas celebrations are barely over!

Personally, I fall into the foremost category, I LOVE New Year’s Eve! I admit I am not a fan over overcrowded pubs or bars, however. I don’t want to spend the night fighting for a drink and getting my lovely new outfit trampled in the stampede! but an evening at an invitation only party, or reservations in a nice restaurant are right up my street! Which category are you most likely to put yourself in?

This year I spent ages looking for the perfect dress for the NYE celebrations, as  you may have seen if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter! I searched through some fab options at Topshop and actually ordered what I thought was my perfect dress, although sadly it didn’t fit me quite right. I also scanned Asos and bought a few new items, albeit none of them for my NYE … Oops! In the end, I settled on a little beauty from Jack Wills, from the sale, no less! Unfortunately it’s no longer on the website, but there a plenty more great steals on there!

All that searching and planning is thirsty work, care to join me for a drink whilst I get ready for the evening?!


That beautiful little blue number is my new baby, I love it! Such a bargain too! The coat above was also a bit of a bargain from Oasis. It’s lovely and cosy, but elegant at the same time, and it pretty much goes with anything to keep you snug on those cold days! Grab it here before they all disappear!

This is the first NYE that W and I have managed to spend together, in previous years we’ve always had separate plans with friends, so it was quite a special one! We decided to spend our evening in Tiffin, which you may have seen my previous blog post on. You’re always guaranteed great service with a smile and beautiful food!

We began the evening with delicious Veuve Clicquot marshmallows, accompanied by a bottle of Veuve, naturally!

We then tucked into a pallet teasing Orange and Nut sorbet, followed by Lobster Ravioli for W and a beautifully presented Vegetable Terrine for me.

We sipped more Champagne until our main courses arrived, the most succulent and tender Sirloin I have ever tasted! Accompanied by a spicy horseradish cream, potatoes, onion and a complimentary Jus. Just look how good it is!

Our pre-dessert was a plump little donut with coffee foam, perfectly bitesized and the flavours were very complimentary. The Pièce de résistance for me however, is always the Cheese course. I  LOVE cheese, and this spread was certainly not a let down, I could eat it all over again right now!


After the Cheese course and plenty more Champagne and wine, things all got a little bit silly! We did silly dances to the usual well know dance-a-long songs, before forming a conga line with the other few hundred guests and parading around the restaurant!

The evening was amazingly good fun, as expected! I have to say, the entertainment was simply outstanding, we were treated to a performance by the Swinging Rascals, who roamed between tables and made sure every guest was involved in the entertainment, they truly did make the atmosphere buzzing. Apologies for the photo quality, I couldn’t get them to stand still long enough for a clear shot!

After all the napkin twirling, conga dancing and can-can’ing merriment that came with the chime of the bells, we finished off our drinks and headed off to bed to rest our tired dancing feet!


Thank you to Tiffin and The Swinging Rascals for a truly memorable New Year’s Eve!

I’d love to hear about where you spent New Year’s Eve, leave me a comment below to share!

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