On Monday I had a very welcome day off from the office. Quite predictably, it decided to be a rainy and windy day.

Despite the miserable weather, W and I decided to venture outdoors for a bit of (very!) fresh air and a stroll around town.

Now W is going away with family this week, on a sunny holiday to Cuba, and I just happened to read a blog about traveling in Cuba this morning, written by Catherine Lux of Lux Life Blog.

Catherine, what can I say?! Your blog has saved their holiday! W and his family were under the impression you could still arrange Visa’s upon arrival in Cuba … Which is apparently no longer true! Thanks to Catherine’s advice, our leisurely day was interrupted by a quick visit to the BA office to hand in passports and arrange visas ahead of time! Note to anyone traveling to Cuba, make sure you read Catherine’s blog!! (Thanks Catherine for being a lifesaver!)

Got to love the big BA plane in reception on the way into the office’s, W has begged for one at home, but I think it may be a little too big!


We did manage to take a few outfit pics on the way to the office, as the rain had let up enough for some quick snaps under the trellis of a nearby park.

Anyway, after running backwards and forwards, we decided to take refuge in the nearby So Bar. This place is always packed on a weekday, being on the busiest business street in Jersey, its a haven for financial employees working along The Esplanade, so booking is very much advised!

It’s not the largest place, but its cosy with varied seating options, a lovely roaring fire and a great atmosphere. The food is also delicious and you can even see the chef’s at work whilst you’re there, great fun!

We sat right next to the kitchen to begin with, just to be nosy at the dishes they were preparing for the lunchtime rush, also, the smell was pretty amazing!

Hello to the chef’s over my shoulder! ^^

After being nosy for a little while, and making ourselves very hungry (although we weren’t staying!) we decided to move away from the kitchen and to the warmth of the fire .. Oh yes, the fire!! Perfect for January days!

Oh, and maybe we had just a few more snaps of the outfit in the warmth! It is my new favourite outfit this month, after all! Stylish enough to make you forget it’s winter, but warm enough to make sure you don’t feel it!

This beautiful stripe wrap around skirt, is from Topshop, and available also in Tall and Petite sizes, something for everyone! Very comfy to wear, you’ll love it! My lovely thick tights are also from Topshop, thinner tights are not recommended with this outfit.

My black top is one I’ve had for a while and can’t remember where it’s from, although, I would actually recommend a polo neck top with this skirt, you can find a great one here. My bag is my favourite from Michael Kors, but I’m also currently eyeing up this similar one! 

My cosy black coat from the earlier pictures is from Oasis, which unfortunately seems to be sold out now, but you can find plenty more great ones here.

My shoes have been a nightmare, I’m not going to lie. As a woman, you expect that sometimes, you’re going to have to go through a little pain to make your shoes fit perfectly and get used to them. This however, was a little too much! I’ve never had an issues with Kurt Geiger shoes, hence why I love them, but these were an exception. I love them now, but the ‘wearing in’ was tough ladies, be advised, get the plasters and thick socks out!

After the painstaking break-in, these beautiful pumps are worth it from Kurt Geiger! I can’t seem to find the originals online, although I’m sure they’re still in your local stores if you ask. Alternatively, there are some HOT very similar ones here! 

As for my accessories, my bracelets are my signature ones (sorry, I’m a bit boring and like to stick to what I know!) I have a lovely Links of London from my other half, and a Pandora bracelet from my other half’s parents!

My necklace, is from Accesorize, but a long time ago, so I suggest you check out their new, more up to date stuff, as I also need to do!

So that’s the outfit details, my new fave, hope you like it too! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think? Hope you all had nice Monday musings too.

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