One of the perks of my job is getting to indulge in lots of foodie events, as you may have already noticed!

This particular evening was slightly special, as I was helping to host a Chef’s Table event at The Waterfront Restaurant . The restaurant underwent a £1 million refurbishment in 2014 and now boasts plush purples matched with dark wood, creating a relaxed and sophisticated environment.

Head Chef Vincent Duffy likes to host these events every so often, it gives him an opportunity to be creative and go off-piste from the normal menu, whilst welcoming people in to the all new surroundings of The Waterfront. He had also promised a surprise for the evening….!

We began the dinner with drinks and chatter amongst the other guests and an introduction to Vincent, who was obviously joining the table for the evening, being a Chef’s Table!

Our first course was a delicious Plum Tomato and Rosary Goats Cheese Terrine, with Smoked Beetroot, Watercress and Red Pepper. My favourite part was the Smoked Beetroot, it’s just so quirky! Have you ever tried it?

Unfortunately I was too busy chatting away to remember to take a picture of this particular dish, but don’t worry, I came round in time for the second course!


As our starter dishes were cleared away, Chef suddenly made an announcement. Prior to the dinner, all of our names had been put in to his mixing dish, and he was going to pull two names out of it, these two lucky people (depending on their talents!) would join him in the kitchen to help make the second course for the table!

With a rustle of excitement from around the table, Chef proceeded to pick out the names of two lovely ladies who were promptly handed aprons and escorted off to the kitchen! I snook in too to take some snaps of them hard at work!

They were given a brief orientation of the kitchen, followed by a quick tuition, then basically left to their own devices to cook for the table! They were both very brave, I have to say, and really took to the challenge with great spirit!

The final result spoke for itself!


I seem to be very good of taking foodie pictures with a purple tinge … note to self, must improve photography skills! This dish comprised tender Seared Scallops from a local source (a great benefit of living in Jersey), with a Black Pudding Fritter, Cauliflower Puree and Raisin Salsa.

This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to try Black Pudding and, whilst I agree it does compliment the Scallops, I’m afraid it’s not for me, but the rest of the dish was lovely. Compliments to the Chef-ettes!

The main course was one I was absolutely dying to taste, I haven’t had this in years! A good old hearty Beef Wellington, served with Leek and Parmesan Gratin, Honey Glazed Carrots and a Malbec Jus. I was not disappointed!

It was juicy, tender, sumptuous and all the other things a great Beef Wellington should be, as well as being an enormous portion! Although, I’m not ashamed to say I took a second helping home afterwards … for the other half, of course!

To fill the *very* little room we had left, Chef sent out a take on the classic Ile Flottante,  The Waterfront Floating Island, with a Caramelised Almond Tuille. I’m not actually a creme anglaise fan, but it was a tasty dessert nonetheless, and the Tuille was perfectly crunchy!


The whole evening was fantastic fun, with Chef introducing each dish in-between popping in and out of the kitchen to cook and then back again to dine with us. The surprise of guests being taken in to the kitchen to cook for us was a great treat (yes, they did take the aprons home as a souvenir, in case you were wondering)

The food itself and the paired wines were delicious too, the fact I was even allowed a cheeky doggy bag to take home, just made it even better. If you’d like to check out the food for yourself, you can call 01534 671100 to book in The Waterfront and enjoy the view of Elizabeth Marina whilst you dine.

Thank you, Chef, for having us all to your table!

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