In September last year, I was privileged enough to be invited on a weekend trip to Rome with the girls.

A small group of us were flying off to celebrate the recent birth of a friends baby, with a relaxing tourist weekend in Rome. Given that we anticipated being out most of the time, we decided to stay in a self catering apartment that was within walking distance of everything we needed. The Apartment Lucky Domus in San Giovanni.

The rooms were perfectly clean and spacious, with a lovely balcony. The apartment also boasts free WiFi and is well equipped with everything you could need. The apartment host was also exceptionally helpful in showing us around and explaining the best places to go and get the best deals, she also left her mobile number, so she would always be on the end of the phone if we needed anything!

The most exciting part about getting to Rome, was the fact that we had all been offered complimentary flights on a Pilatus private plane! We were all super excited and had stocked up on bubbles for our flight over to Rome.

The plane was stunning inside and amazingly comfy, it really is the only way to travel! We thoroughly enjoyed the flight over, which frankly seemed to be over very quickly … time fly’s when you’re having fun!

We arrived in the afternoon to our wonderful apartment and settled in to each of our rooms. As we were all quite tired from travelling, we decided not to exert ourselves too much in the evening. Instead, we opted to go for a little stroll around and a relaxing evening, ahead of our busy day in the morning.

As we were travelling either side of our one full day in Rome, we had discussed what we wanted to see and do on the way over. We decided that the best way to actually see Rome in a day, was to jump on one of the tour buses which drive around regularly during the day, and stop off at all the hotspot tourist destinations, so you can jump on and off as you wish throughout the day.

After our orientation wander around the streets of Rome, we headed back for a few glasses of bubbles, some Italian Pizza and a relatively early night.

The next day, we made our way on to our touristy bus, headphones in hand ready to listen to the commentary, and whizzed off to our first stop of the day!

The Piazza dei Spagna, home of the Spanish Steps, is a bustling Piazza full of tourists and locals alike. Some sit watching the world go by in cafes and restaurants, whilst others (like myself!) frantically take pictures of everything around. There’s also a vast array of designer shops close by, for those who want to indulge in more than a bit of history.

The Spanish Steps or ‘Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti’ were designed by architects Francesco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi, and comprise 135 steps in total, yes, we counted!

The wonderful boat shaped fountain you can see in the pics above is actually called ‘Fontana della Barcaccia’ which literally means ‘Fountain of the Ugly Boat’! This was built in 1627 and is credited to Pietro Bernini.

The architecture all over Rome is absolutely stunning, I strongly recommend that this spot in the world gets added to every single persons bucket list.

All the step climbing and people watching made us a little hungry, which meant only one thing, it was time for lunch.

We stopped off in a beautiful little restaurant called Taberna. The walls were adorned with intricate paintings throughout and wonderful decorative pieces, although it was slightly dark, so the photo’s weren’t great I’m afraid.

I chose a delicious cheese platter (I can’t resist cheese!), and we also shared a juicy plate of Melon and Parma Ham … when in Rome, after all! The food and service was great, I would certainly recommend trying this one out if you happen to visit.

I was so disappointed to find that Trevi Fountain was undergoing restoration when we visited after lunch, I was really looking forward to seeing it. The fountain is one of the largest Baroque fountains in the city, and also one of the most iconic in the world, designed by Italian architect Nicola Salviand completed by Pietro Bracci. I took a few snaps, but I’m afraid they certainly don’t show it in all it’s glory.

Here’s how this stunning sculpture should usually look! Have any of you visited the fountain before?


After just a half day of avid picture taking and wandering around Rome, we had already taken in some of the most amazing sights and visited monumental works of history. Our next stop was to be Vatican City, but I’ll save that for another blog post since its absolutely jam packed with photo’s!


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