One day in Rome really isn’t enough! When the time came to fly home to Jersey the day after our adventures, we were all truly shattered! We’d stayed up late into the night drinking Prosecco and reminiscing about our whirlwind tour around the magnificent city.

We still had a few hours before we needed to head to the airport, so we decided to cram in a few more touristy activities after packing up.

I indulged in an ice-cream breakfast, when in Rome after all! After a few pastries, coffees and freshly squeezed orange juice, we chatted away and flicked through some of the great photo’s we’d taken over the last day. Here’s a few of my favourites!

Got to love that big red tour bus, that was such an experience in itself! The fresh fruit stalls lining the street were delicious looking too, all that goodness just packed into a completely overloaded stall, fresh every day, yum. Bonus points if you can actually spot the man responsible for selling the wares from this stall?! 🙂

There were a huge variety of street stalls all over Rome, which is a welcome distraction, as there is so much walking around involved that you often feel the need for a little retail therapy to perk you up along the way.

Satisfied with our picture taking skills and with full tummies, we headed off with our transfer driver to make our way back to the private airport, and board our luxurious Pilatus Plane back to Jersey! Photo 21-09-2014 13 01 54

Obviously, we had to say goodbye to Rome in style, and what better way to finish the trip, than with more lovely Prosecco!

I haven’t actually introduced you to this little guy yet ^^^! Say hello to Penguin, or Pengi for short (yes, original, I know!) He is my little travel companion all the way from The Little White Company, and always comes away on trips, he’s just too cute to leave behind … you’re never too old ‘fur’ cuteness! He occasionally makes an appearance in photo’s, just for the fun of it. As you can see, the girls and I got a little bit giddy and dragged Pengi down with us … oops … *hiccup*!

Thanks to our fantastic pilot, we had a very smooth journey back to Jersey from our truly memorable weekend. I will definitely be visiting Rome again in the future, and can’t wait to explore even more.

Although I have to say, I was delighted to feast my eye’s upon one of my favourite views in the world, the spectacular sight you are greeted with upon your arrival descent to Jersey. Home, sweet home!

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