After a delicious evening of food and fun in London, it was time to get down to work the next next day. I have attended the BNC Event Shows for 3 years now and thoroughly enjoy them. They’re great for picking up new business, expanding your database of contacts and networking with other event professionals. This particular event was the Global BNC Event show, and included exhibitors and buyers who have a remit to sell / buy events around the globe, funnily enough!

If you’re in the events business, you should definitely come check out the next show in July, it’s free entry and a great platform for meeting new people. The organisation was impeccable as per usual, and the venue was absolutely perfect, I’m not too keen on the early 7am start at The Brewery in London though!

As usual, the event was jam packed throughout the day, and such an interesting experience meeting so many new people. And then, there was the food! The delicious snacks laid on by the Brewery were sumptuous, it was also the first time I’d ever had a taste of Churros – yummy!

I may have taken along a little taste of Jersey too, in the form of very unique Jersey Apple Brandy from La Mare Wine Estate … Yes, Jersey even has it’s own vineyard, it would be rude not to share the produce with others.The event was a great success, and I’m pleased to say I will be back there again for a follow up event soon!

After the event, a friend and I decided to grab a bite close to the hotel. As he had never tried Nando’s, we thought it might be an idea to introduce him. I am aware that chain restaurants can sometimes fall down; however, I’ve never had a bad experience there. This was unfortunately an exception, and I was so disappointed for my friend, as it was such a bad introduction for him!

Whilst the company for dinner was just perfect, unfortunately the service was almost non-existent, the temperature was WAY too hot and the food was little better than a last resort take away on the way home from a night out! I don’t particularly like to be negative, but this really was quite bad. Luckily, as with most Nando’s, it wasn’t an expensive evening. Hopefully if I happen to visit another Nando’s in future, it might be a bit of a better experience. What are your thoughts on Nando’s in general, do you find them inconsistent around the UK?

Despite the let down dinner, my day was very successful and I thoroughly enjoyed the event, I can’t wait to get back to the Big Smoke again and do some more exploring!

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