Since I had one final day in London before heading home, I thought it would only be prudent to visit some of London’s most loved landmarks.

My friend offered to take me to a couple of places I haven’t been before, trust me, he was as shocked as you will be that I’ve never visited! First stop Harrods! (Yes, I know, sacrilege that I haven’t been before).

We had a little wander round all the beautiful shopping areas, before settling on some food and a bottle of Champagne in the cafe. The sandwich I ordered wasn’t particularly great; however, the staff picked up on it immediately and offered to replace it and remove from the bill, without me even saying a word – amazing service and very perceptive staff! But my first visit to Harrods will always be truly memorable, such a great store!

The second stop on my little tourist visit, was a big kids trip to Hamleys, yet another place I probably should have visited long ago!

I had so much fun behaving like a big kid, wandering round posing with the lego characters, gorillas and just generally indulging in childhood toy memories!

I had a ridiculous amount of fun in this toy store, it was actually quite worrying! I cannot believe I’ve never been before .. Harry Potter wands, Lord of the Rings toys, what’s not to like?!

After a day of fun filled sightseeing, we rounded off with a quick glass of bubbles, before heading back to the airport to fly away back to Jersey. But, London, I will certainly be back!

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