A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided we’d had a rather long week at the office and deserved a treat. Cue a cheeky little wine tasting day out to Maison Bonvin!

I’ve never used the store before, but they were offering a deal to go for a little tasting session, learn more about the wines and generally promote the selection they have for sale. Who am I to turn down a deal? Especially when it involves wine!

Maison Bonvin is located within Liberty Wharf Shopping Centre in Jersey, Channel Islands. When I say shopping centre, I mean the quaint Jersey type! It’s really a rather small area, which has been renovated from an old abattoir. It has kept a lot of its historical (charm?!) and features a small array of boutiques, bars eateries as well as a lovely wine merchant’s, of course!

We met up in a local bar in the afternoon, before heading down to sample the wines at the event. We were greeted by a friendly host on arrival, and a lovely crowd of people, whom we quickly made friends with and began to talk excitedly about the tasting!

We all had a little muse around, then got stuck straight in to the good stuff! Incase the shop name didn’t already give it away, we would be tasting wines from France, more specifically, the South-West region. Our first taster was Malbec Demon Noir.


I do not pretend to be a wine connoisseur by any means; however, I can happily impart some expert words of wisdom to you, thanks to our wonderful host! This particular wine is described as typical of a Malbec and features a powerful and concentrated black fruit and complex earthy backbone (I almost impressed myself then!) All I needed to know, was that I liked it!

Moving on, we went for a Gaillac Rouge, a blend of Shiraz, Braucol and Merlot which is aged in an oak barrel. Apparently it is recommended to be paired with meats cooked in a sauce, or cheese. I’ll take the cheese option any day! I wasn’t as fond of this wine, but plenty of people were and even took the time to start making their orders!

Our next instalment was the Tarani Blanc, easily my favourite of the day! I am much more of a white wine drinker than red, and this fresh and aromatic wine definitely did the trick. Made from soft-pressed grapes grown in the Gascon Countryside, it’s suitable for any occasion and very easily drinkable.

Next up, a Juranson Sec, a wine with tastes of apricot and peach fruit, against grapefruit and mandarin notes. This is a very dry wine and also very popular with the tasting crowd, so much so I didn’t even get a picture!

Moving on to a tipple of Rose, we sampled the Buzet Rose. I’m not a fan of dark Rose’s at all, so this was perfect for me, a pale Rose with fruit and floral scents, apparently special care is taken during the wine-making process to ensure this is an elegant wine with finesse, perfect!


The final taster was actually off piste from the advertised menu, an apparent new take on a French Rose sparkling wine. We weren’t impressed with this offering, it just really didn’t suit either of our tastes, so we left the others to enjoy this one and tucked back in to the delicious white wine from earlier!

The event in general was a fun afternoon out with delicious wines; however, we were slightly let down by the fact there should have been canapes to accompany the wine tasting, yet none appeared! We later found out this was down to the caterer letting them down at the last minute, such a shame as it really would have made a good event, a great one.

If you happen to be around in Jersey, I would recommend popping in for a visit and to pick up some goodies, the team are very knowledgeable and can certainly help you pick out the perfect wine to accompany your dinner party fun.

We certainly left feeling rather merry, after an indulgent and relaxing afternoon!


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