This post is very dated now, by a couple of years actually! But I found these photo’s on my old camera, and decided to share the experience anyway.

Whilst casually chatting to some friends of mine about travel and our favourite parts of travelling, they mentioned travelling in a small private plane. Which at the time, was something I had never done, so I was very intrigued!

Clearly sensing my eagerness to have this experience, the boys mentioned they had actually chartered a plane for the coming weekend, to visit The Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone race track and test out the new Porsche model, and would I maybe like to go along with them? Ermmmm, YES I WOULD!!

A few weeks later, full of excitement, I climbed aboard my first ever charter flight at Aviation Beauport, and headed to Silverstone.

The plane was only a very small craft, with room for just four people at a tight squeeze! Our pilot was a local chap, who had years of experience and clearly absolutely loved flying. One of the boys jumped up front for the journey and listened to his tales and expert advice all the way over!

Upon arriving at The Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, another first for me, we descended on the streamlined building and were quickly ushered inside. Everything about Silverstone is fast! From the arrival to leaving, the staff are super slick, the tour around the cars is speedy and even the lunch service is fast!

Dining in Porsche The Restaurant is a completely unique experience. We took our seats to find a set menu awaiting us and, before we had even finished reading the menu, our starters were placed in front of us! The food was delicious and of a very surprisingly high quality, for such speedy and mass service, we were part of an invited group, so there were quite a few of us.

Main course and dessert followed in pretty much the same manor, and I think the entire lunch was over in less than 30 minutes! Very impressive on one hand, but certainly not an advisable way to eat all your meals!

After our 100-mile-an-hour meal, the boys headed off to play with their toys. I actually didn’t drive at this point, so a spin round the track in Porsche’s newest model was absolutely out of the question! I had plenty of fun watching everyone else snake around the track from the viewing galley though!

After fulfilling their childhood fantasies and becoming a racing driver for a mere 30 minutes, the boys returned back to collect me, full of chatter about who had the best lap and the best car! We didn’t have long to hang around though, as our eager pilot was already waiting for us back at the airstrip.

As quickly as we came, we departed again in our bouncy little plane, I have to say the landings were certainly interesting, you feel every nudge and bump in these tiny planes! It was a fantastic experience and I returned to Jersey having fulfilled one of my childhood dreams too!

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