I have always had a lot of love for James Bond, I love the thrill and excitement in every film, the fast cars and women and all the famous sayings that go hand in hand with Mr Bond. So when an invitation arrived to attend a James Bond Casino Evening at The Dorchester, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity!

I packed up at least five potential dresses for the evening, and trundled off with BA to London, to stay at Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, which you may have already read about in my last blog about Meat & Liquor in London.

Dorchester Hotel James Bond Event, Jersey Girl, London, BlogDorchester Hotel James Bond Event, Jersey Girl, London, Blog

The Dorchester is a beautiful hotel and an absolute icon in London and worldwide. It is also home to the only UK hotel restaurant with three Michelin-stars, headed up by the talented Alain Ducasse. The event had been organised by the BNC team again, and no expense was spared in making sure we were all in for a fantastic night!

Upon arrival to the Ballroom at the Dorchester, we were greeted by smart, white gloved staff, handing out flutes of Champagne. We were ushered down the red carpet amongst lots of recognisable Bond decorations, where I took the opportunity to take a few snaps!

Entertainment was provided by the outstanding Urban Soul Orchestra. They played Bond theme tunes throughout the Champagne reception and really got us all in the mood for a great evening. They have worked with many famous artists and their style is a contemporary twist on a classic string ensemble, they are truly unique and perfect for any exclusive events you may be planning!

Dorchester Hotel James Bond Event, Jersey Girl, London, Blog

Finally, we were ushered through to the main Ballroom to take our seats for dinner. The event was a networking evening, so tables were randomly put together and introductions made upon taking our seats. I was lucky to be placed with a fantastic mix of people, and it was only minutes until we were laughing and joking away like old friends.

The Ballroom looked spectacular, with sparkles all around (Diamond’s ARE forever after all!) and James Bond prints of famous faces from the movies.

Then came the moment we’d all been waiting for, the FOOD! We dined on a delicious menu, consisting of…

Salad of Jerusalem artichoke, tender stem broccoli, beetroot, salsify, young leaf. This was utterly delicious, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I read the menu, but I can assure you it’s totally different to any ‘salad’ i’ve ever had, and could definitely make dieting a lot more palatable!

Pressed shoulder of lamb, black olive jus, mashed potato. The main portion was way too big for me … but it was deliciously succulent and tender. The meat fell apart and I genuinely had to stop myself from finishing the whole thing in order to leave room for dessert! It felt a bit of a crime leaving some though, it was that good!

Raspberry cheesecake with lemon sorbet and seasonal berries. The cheesecake came with edible diamond decorations on top, whilst they may have been described as this, they were certainly better looking than they tasted! The cheesecake however, was scrumptious and very more-ish!

There were numerous games during dinner, such as heads and tails, in which one woman won the fantastic prize of an actual diamond to take home. We also had a James Bond trivia quiz, which made me exceptionally competitive! I know my James Bond stuff, having spent years watching all the films religiously! Apparently the results of the quiz are going to be emailed to us all following the event, I’m keeping everything crossed that our team won after we took it so seriously!

After such a filling dinner, there was only one thing for it, time to hit the dance floor! We twirled and swirled around to the orchestra’s beat, and the violinists even came on to the dance floor and played in and amongst us. We took a break occasionally to spend our fun money at the Casino tables also, of course!

Thank you again to the BNC Team for putting on such a spectacular event, it was a very memorable night and such a great theme. This Bond Girl (in my dreams) certainly had a diamond evening!

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