We all need a girly night out every once in a while, so that’s exactly what I did this last weekend!

A friend of mine was over for the weekend in Jersey to visit old friends, so we all got together to enjoy cocktails and Champagne out in Jersey town, St Helier. It was also the perfect excuse to wear my new outfit for the first time. (Excuse the rubbish selfie, ha!)


I totally love this new skirt! It has a kind of 50’s feel to it and makes you feel very girly when wearing it, you can find this skirt at ASOS, although it’s selling out fast! The little black top is also from ASOS and a great staple item to have in the wardrobe, plus, it’s an absolute steal! My shoes are my favourites, which you will have already seen if you read my Cracking Christmas blog! These are from Kurt Geiger, but they no longer seem to sell them with the red soles, so you can find them here instead!

We started off in Banjos, located on Beresford Street in St Helier, and were soon laughing, joking and generally catching up on life, with the aid of cocktails obviously!

Banjos describes itself as a “European-style grand brasserie” which has been restored from a former Victorian Gentleman’s Club. It has a very urban feel to it, and you should definitely check out the funky wallpaper downstairs if you visit, the images on the wallpaper change with the changing light colours of red, green and blue!

Although we were only there for drinks in the quirky bar, Banjos also offers an amazing dining menu and features four plush guest bedrooms, if you really wish to make a night of it for a celebration.

After some great liquid treats in Banjos, we opted to move slightly further up the same street, to check out Rojo’s. Rojo’s is a boutique cocktail lounge, with a vintage feel downstairs, and a more lively club upstairs. It’s worth noting here, that when we say ‘club’ in Jersey, we mean the only places that are open until 2am!

Jersey has very strict licensing laws and, whilst many of the leading DJ’s and promoters in Jersey are continuously working to improve the club scene, we’re not quite there yet. So the moral of the story is, get there earlier, around 10pm, if you want a decent night out!


We went straight for the bar upstairs, which was unfortunately dead, due to there being a one off Trance music night on, combined with the fact we were quite early! I was also in Rojo’s a couple of weeks ago however; and I can honestly say that it was completely packed and the music was great (more house style music). I would suggest checking out what’s on before you go, but 9 out of 10 times, you are guaranteed a good night out!

Deciding the vibe wasn’t quite right for us in Rojo’s on this particular night, we opted to move on to The Drift located under The Royal Yacht, which you can find in the Weighbridge. 

Photo’s are a little blurry, as the light is obviously not great in a club!

This is probably my favourite ‘club’ in Jersey at the moment. It used to be full of kids and cheesy music, but since they have brought the wonderful James Curtis over from London to manage the place, it has had a total turnaround!

The music is better, with DJ’s from London flown in regularly. There is now table service, and orders by the bottle are encouraged! We opted for the ‘Captains Chest’ which is a giant chest full of cocktail for sharing, perfect for a girls night! Its also full of fruit, one of your five a day, or even for pampering as I discovered!

What’s your fave place to go out in Jersey? Let me know if you have any other places that you think deserve a mention?

In the mean time, get out and enjoy a girly night!

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