My friend recently invited me to accompany her to an open evening at local hotel, The Merton.

I actually almost booked to stay here for a little ‘stay-cation’ last winter, but other things got in the way. Anyway, having never seen inside the hotel, I was keen to go and check it out!

The Merton Hotel boasts almost 300 rooms, and is situated in St Saviours, just outside of the main Jersey town, St Helier. It’s a great spot to stay if you’re visiting Jersey with a young family, and you’ll see just why soon!

We arrived just after 6pm (a little bit late, as we were both at other events just before!) and were greeted by a quaint facade.

Once inside, we were ushered into the huge Star Room, plied with Champagne and told to take our seats, ready for the show.

The Star Room is very retro and reminds me of the kind of places I used to see the animation teams and children’s entertainers on childhood holidays, it’s really a great throwback experience and brings up lots of memories!

We settled in and waited for the showgirl group ‘One Night Only’ to take the stage and treat us to cabaret and songs from all your favourite shows!

After a fantastic performance from the girls and some very dodgy attempts at singing along from us, we indulged in the buffet kindly laid on by the hotel.

The food wasn’t anything out of this world, but then again that’s not what they are going for, it’s not supposed to be fine dining. They provided a simple, tasty buffet spread, with a some unexpected treats thrown in and, plenty of it! Perfectly suited for the occasion and yummy enough to make us sneak back for seconds!

Finally, it was time to take the tour of the hotel! We excitedly gathered up our belongings, and followed the hotel staff through the expanse of the hotel.

There are lush green grounds surrounding the hotel, with a statue of a Gorilla, in tribute to Durrell Wildlife Park’s very own Gorillas. The Wildlife Park is also definitely worth a visit if you’re coming to Jersey on holiday.

There’s an amazing choice of 6 restaurants, bars or cafe’s at the hotel, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. This includes the quirky Jersey Joe’s Diner pictured above, which I’m sure kids will love! Especially when they can finish off in The Commentary Box Sports Bar with a game of pool or on the arcade machines afterwards!

Of course we didn’t get to sample all the restaurants (which our waistlines are probably thankful for!), but we did get to explore The Merton’s hidden gem. A closely guarded secret beneath the hotel, Dante’s Nightclub, which can be hired for your own private events!

Entertainment in Jersey at The Merton Hotel

Resisting the urge to stay in the Nightclub and have our own private party, we headed to the main attraction, The Aquadome and the FlowRider!

The Aquadome is a kids paradise, with an indoor and outdoor pool, a fountain, slide and kids play area. The FlowRider will keep the adults entertained too, with a little healthy competition to see who can do best! You can check out the live feed of the FlowRider in action on their website.

We were suitably impressed by the skills of the talented man doing the FlowRider demonstration and, with the whole hotel too! If you’re visiting Jersey with a young family, then its certainly one to bare in mind.

Even if you already live in Jersey, consider checking it out for a stay-cation, or make the most of their ‘Dip & Dine’ offer, I know I will be doing!

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