Last weekend, I had the privilege of being invited along to the most important rugby match of the Jersey calendar, The Siam Cup.

Unfortunately I had a prior engagement which meant I couldn’t make the lovely lunch beforehand in the marquee, and I arrived just in time to see the match as everyone was leaving the marquee to get pitch-side for the fun and games!

Photo 02-05-2015 15 51 57The Siam Cup between Guernsey and Jersey is a VERY serious affair! If you haven’t had the privilege of visiting Jersey, or indeed Guernsey yet, then you probably won’t be aware of the (mostly) friendly banter that exists between the islands!

Of course, both islands think they are the best of the Channel Islands, and Jersey folk refer to Guernsey inhabitants as ‘The Donkeys’, whereas Guernsey folk refer to Jersey dwellers as ‘The Crapaud’s’ (basically the French word for Toad!). Whilst both are meant in a derogatory way, I’m pleased to say that sportsmanship is still alive and, whilst jeers still take place, us Channel Islanders don’t take it too far and all know that the main thing that matters is, THE GAME!

I won’t pretend to understand all the rules of rugby at all, there are a lot after all! However, what I do know is that Jersey are better than Guernsey. Controversial statement I know, but also fact based! The Guernsey guys are great, but Jersey have been in RFU Championship for a couple of seasons now, and Guernsey aren’t, so in my books that is proof!

Living in Jersey, I was of course there to support our Jersey boys. I really don’t think there’s a lot of explanation needed here, ladies will agree, here are the pictures. They include athletic, inspirational and determined men .. in shorts. Enough said!

Aren’t they lovely?! Such a hardship watching rugby! On a serious note though, the atmosphere is amazing and you absolutely have to get behind JRFC if you’re coming over to visit, check out their website for upcoming fixtures.

I am DELIGHTED to say, that our wonderful Jersey boys totally stole the show, with an indisputable 48-3 win on the day, and super proudly walked through the traditional arch, to lift the Siam Cup high at the end of the match, well done boys!

Photo 02-05-2015 16 29 38Oh, and why was it such a super day you ask? Well, not only were the JRFC the true super heroes of the day, but another little Superman flew home to show his support for his team! Step up Mr Henry Cavill!

Now, Henry is originally from Jersey and despite not knowing him at all, I have to say he is a true gentleman. He came back to support a team he loves, knowing he would be absolutely mobbed by fans (me being no exception!) yet he spent all day and, I mean ALL day, mingling with the crowd and doing photo’s.

From 11am until probably 12pm when he finished in town, he was happy to pose with hundreds of fans for pictures, without complaint. You cannot fault a ‘Superman’ who still has not forgotten his roots and takes time out for his fans in such a way, bravo Henry!

Photo 02-05-2015 18 20 55

Despite the fact he is totally stunning and super, it’s a pleasure to see such a successful actor with his feet on the ground, but more importantly, a super successful day for JRFC! Well done team!!

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