As far as al fresco meeting spots go, Zephyr at The Royal Yacht hotel, is probably one of the most popular in Jersey.

During the week, it’s packed with business men and women having their last meetings of the day on the sun trap terrace. Friends celebrating the end of a hard days work with a catch up and crisp glass of cool wine and holiday makers relaxing after a hard days work being a tourist.

At weekends, it’s pretty much the same groups of people, they just seem to let their hair down a lot more and the whole atmosphere becomes busier, buzzier and a lot more club like… Especially if you check out The Drift nightclub downstairs, which you may have seen I visited not so long ago on my girls night out!


A friend and I decided to pop in for a light dinner earlier this week, after a hard first day back at work after our three day weekend! Zephyr has a fantastic outdoor terrace, where we took our seats to relax and have a drink before going for dinner.

Zephyr is open daily from 9am until 1am, with last food orders being taken at 10pm, so there’s plenty of time to indulge in leisurely drinks before settling down to dinner.

The downstairs area of the Royal Yacht had a refurbishment a while back and is now a cosmopolitan space with modern decor, located in the heart of St Helier, it’s also the perfect place for people watching! Having had our fill of wine and people watching, we moved inside ready to indulge in dinner.

I am always tempted by pretty much the same things on the menu at Zephyr, being a bit of a creature of habit! For light bites on the Terrace, I always opt for the early evening tapas box, where you can pick and mix your favourite morsels.

When it comes to dinner however, it’s a toss up between Crispy Chilli Beef, or the Chicken Skewers with a peanut satay sauce. This time, I was most definitely in the mood for the Chicken Skewers! Whilst my friend opted for the Mussels.

Lots of pictures of the chicken, I know, but it’s just that good that it deserved them! I’m actually getting cravings just looking at this again, it really is finger licking good!

The Royal Yacht has various other offerings also, including The Cellar, a private dining area in the style of a wine cellar for up to just six people. There’s also the more upmarket Sirocco, which holds 2 AA rosettes. Then there’s a much more casual dining experience available in The Grill downstairs, which does  exactly what it says on the Tin!

I’m sure plenty of Jersey locals already have their favourite part of The Royal Yacht, and if you happen to be visiting the island on holiday, I’d love to know what your’s is too? I hope you enjoy it, whatever it may be!

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