Just a short blog post today, as it really was only a short event, maybe an hour at the most!

I will start by saying that M&S clothing is probably not my thing; however, it is not all about me! The idea of the blog is to share the things I like, but also, share things that others may be interested in too.

So, in the interest of not being totally self indulgent, I headed along to the M&S Jersey fashion show with a few friends, to view their new spring/summer collection. They had even laid on what looked like a little picnic as you entered the store!

Marks and Spencer Jersey Fashion Show

Now, I may not jump for joy at all of the M&S collection, although I like some pieces, but I can certainly get on board with their food … YUM!

The store was jam packed with people all clamouring to get a look at what was on offer, they really did put on a show with pretty much EVERYTHING they could throw at us.

We saw women’s casual wear, evening wear and even beach wear! Then followed the men (sadly no beach wear here!) and even the little’s, there was something for everyone.

After a run through of many of the new pieces in the collection, we were invited to shop the store and fill our boots (or baskets as the case may be). I had a little browse around, but didn’t indulge in anything this time. Although I do think some of their clothing would be great work wear, maybe I’ll pop back another time!

Instead, I spent the rest of the evening watching other’s do their shopping and playing around trying to copy the model poses … so grown up of me!

Let me know what you think to the new collection if you happen to pop in?

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