You can never have too much beauty in life, I think, in whatever form it may take. Our particular form of focus for this evening out, was skincare with Clarins.

The girls and I headed along to De Gruchy’s after the store had closed, for a little get together and a tutorial on how to take good care of our skin. Clarins Beauty Night at De Gruchy JerseyOur wonderful ¬†Clarins expert, Lisa, had laid on a selection of sandwiches and of course, plenty of bubbles for all the ladies attending. A very welcome treat after a hard day in the office!

We took our seats and prepared, for what most of us knew, was going to start with a telling off after confessing our bad skin care habits!

Lisa picked a willing model out from our group, who would be getting a facial treat using all the luxurious Clarins products. Lucky girl!

Now Clarins have a very large range of anti-ageing products, amongst many other things. Lisa explained to us that it really is important to actually speak to your Clarins representative before simply going ahead and choosing a cream for yourself.

A common misconception amongst women, is that their skin is actually a lot worse than it truly is and as a result, Lisa see’s dozen of women every week who have opted for a cream which is much stronger than they potentially need. The idea is to start on the mildest cream to begin with and then progress to the other’s as and when you need to (as advised by your representative!).

So there you go ladies, don’t just dive in at the deep end, have a proper chat with Lisa in store, or your representative wherever you may be, and truly find out what you need to suit your skin.

Lisa ran us through the importance of a good skin care routine in both the morning and evening, in particular, the importance of keeping your skin hydrated. You may think you are already good at this and drinking loads of water helps; however, sometimes your skin does need a little helping hand after being exposed to the elements all day.

Look out for Clarins’ ‘Hydra’ products, as these are sure to quench your skins thirst! Many of the Clarins products differ from other traditional products I have used, for example, one of the skin masks I came across. I am used to always washing of a face mask after use; however, this one was designed to simply soak into your skin and stay on.

Lisa explained this is because you are washing away all the goodness and minerals you have put into your skin, if you simply wash your face mask off afterwards. You learn something new every day!

After our skincare tutorial and lots of shopping for the girls, we had a sneaky peak around the rest of the store. De Gruchy’s has a great Mulberry collection which I lust after every time I visit! There is also a nail bar and loads of concessions, you can find just about everything you need in here!

We even took time to say hello to the residents of De Gruchy’s, before Lisa drew the winner for the amazing prize give away that evening.

Just look at all those goodies! Sadly, I wasn’t the winner on the night, but one of the ladies was absolutely delighted with her basket of treats, and rightly so!

Clarins¬†are happy to organise ladies nights in for any group, provided there are enough of you. It’s also free of charge, even better! Simply pop into the store on King Street and see Lisa if you’re interested. Let me know how your night goes if you organise one!

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