I recently caught up with a friend for drinks and a good old chin wag in St Helier, Jersey (where else?!)

Neither of us had much time to spare really and we were in the mood for a quiet drink, somewhere we wouldn’t usually have chosen for a change. Enter Hugo’s. Previously known as Dix Neuf, this quirky establishment is tucked away just off King Street in the main town in Jersey.

Hugo's Restaurant and Bar, Jersey

The facade reminds me of the type of street bar you might find when strolling the pavements in London, with its astroturf area to give it a real beer garden feel for when the sun shines. Planting beds separate you from the usually busy street, giving a certain level of privacy.

Hugo’s is a people watchers dream, tourists come and go, shoppers bustle about and it’s not uncommon to sit and hear over 3 or 4 different languages being spoken around you at any time! I also like the picnic style furniture, with perspex  chairs, I almost felt as though I was at a casual garden party in a friends back garden!

We didn’t have time for food unfortunately, but the menu looked like it had a little something for everyone on there, perhaps I’ll pop back next time. Let me know what the food is like if you’ve ever eaten there?

After choosing our table in the sunshine, we headed inside to be greeted by plenty of smiling faces from the staff! The inside was not what I was expecting at all. There’s a lot of wood and all kinds of vintage mismatched furniture around, it’s very higgledy-piggledy, but I quite like it.

There are also random items dotted around for you to discover, I stumbled across a Hawaiian umbrella in one corner!

Hugo’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, so there’s always time to visit no matter what you’re looking for! As well as serving food and very reasonably priced drinks, Hugo’s also houses it’s own little store, selling all kinds of delicious treats. But I won’t spoil the surprise for you with that one, pop along for yourself when you get chance and take a peek!

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