This time last week, I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with two adorable fluffy friends, at the invitation of De Gruchy’s, Jersey.

Monty and Dixie are the official Radley London dogs and, are quite possibly the most well behaved and snuggly little friends I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

De Gruchy’s Department Store had invited Monty and Dixie over for a special event, which included bubbles, canap├ęs, cute dogs and 30% off the amazing Radley handbags, what was not to like about that?! I was there like a shot!

Radley London Event at De Gruchy's Jersey

Upon arriving at the store, I was greeted by Stuart, the Radley London representative. Stuart has worked for the brand for many years (I won’t divulge exactly how many!) and is super knowledgeable about the products. He is clearly exceptionally passionate about the brand, and proceeded to give me a brief overview of it’s history.

Radley London Event at De Gruchy's Jersey

The Radley brand was founded by Lowell Harder in 1998, after she became ‘fed up’ with seeing bags in the same boring Navy and Black colours, so she decided to create her very own colourful range.

The Scottie dog logo was only added in 2000 and was eventually rolled out across the range by 2001 after a huge surge in interest from consumers. In December 2010, after Lowell had departed the business, the new design team decided to alter the Scottie dog logo.

Unfortunately this had a negative impact on sales and Lowell returned to save the day and bring back the little Scottie dog we have all come to know and love! Radley was re-branded to Radley London back in 2012, which is now the very brand you see in stores all over the world!

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, that’s not what you want to see! So here they are, meet Monty and Dixie, awwwww!

As you can see, they were VERY popular, although I’m certain they absolutely loved being made a fuss of all day!

De Gruchy’s hold many great events like this all year round and I plan to attend as many as possible! Follow me on Facebook to keep up to date with their upcoming events.

After all the fun and excitement, it was time to get down to the serious business of browsing the merchandise. Umbrellas, a variety of bags, purses, card holders, scarves … the list is endless, and the great thing about Radley London, is that the designs are so diverse.

Whether you like bold, loud prints or an understated classic design of bag, there is something for everyone here. The quality means it will see you through a few seasons too, so you may as well get a selection for each season!

Just look at all those colours and variety! I could have spent all afternoon exploring every single design, but unfortunately I didn’t quite have time. If you pop down to De Gruchy’s though, I’m sure you will be able to find the perfect handbag mate for you, let me know what you choose?

My personal favourite was the Bloomsbury handbag, which Stuart informed me was actually one of their first original designs (I will take that as a compliment on my ‘classic’ taste!)

Radley London Event at De Gruchy's Jersey

Radley London Event at De Gruchy's Jersey

I had an absolutely lovely afternoon learning all about Radley London and meeting Stuart and the Scottie dog mascots. I even came away with the lovely red card wallet you see above as a little treat, thank you Stuart and Radley London!

Thank you also to De Gruchy’s for inviting me. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at their next event (excuse the pun!) and I really hope many more of you will join me for whatever it may be!

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