One of my favourite places to spend a sunny day (other than the beach of course!) is up at Les Landes Racecourse. Les Landes Racecourse has the most amazing views, all the way over to France on a clear day. The surroundings are just so peaceful and you can quite easily spend the whole day immersed in the relaxed atmosphere and totally forget where you are. Ladies Day at the Races in JerseyI headed up with a few friends for a birthday celebration,  but we all quickly dispersed as the day went on. Another great thing about the racecourse in Jersey, is that it is a social hotspot! You are guaranteed to bump into someone you know throughout the day and, before you know it, you’ve probably had a day out with numerous different groups of people!

I certainly did a lot of networking on this visit to the races, as it was an evening race for a change, there were so many people out to enjoy the great weather. Sadly, this meant I paid very little attention to the actual races! I did attempt to take a serious picture with some of the gorgeous horses, although that quickly deteriorated into fits of laughter!

I spent the rest of the afternoon casually laying back on the embankment and drinking in the views, whilst actually watching the races for a change! Glass of bubbles in hand and feeling totally relaxed, what a way to spend a sunny Saturday!

Just look at that view! Couldn’t you just sit there all day long?! The time had to come to leave eventually however, but not before I did a bit more networking and made some new chocolate coloured furry friends!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I can’t wait to have another day out at the races again, I’d like to say I’m sure I’ll watch more of the races next time, although I have a feeling that’s unlikely to happen! I’ll be going along again for ladies day in August, but if you fancy going before, you can find the upcoming race meetings here. Let me know how your day out is if you go?

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