A favourite beach of mine in Jersey, has to be St Brelade’s. Its certainly a more ‘touristy’ kind of beach, but it’s perfect for a ladies lunch day out.

The girls and I actually had no intention of ending up at St Brelade’s, or anywhere in fact! The idea was to simply meet at the bus station for an adventure and get on the next bus that left, until we saw somewhere suitable for lunch! You can’t really go wrong wherever you end up in Jersey though.

We were blessed with a gorgeously sunny day and hopped on our bus up to the bay for a relaxing afternoon. St Brelades is mostly well sheltered from the breeze and you can find a range of water sport activities to keep you entertained for the day.

The sandy golden beach also makes for a fabulous sunbathing spot, a definite must visit if you come to Jersey when the sun is shining. There’s an array of fabulous restaurants along the seafront, including The Oyster Box, Crab Shack, Sugareef and The Terrace at L’Horizon. There are also a selection of little cafes if you fancy something a little lighter.

After a wander up and down the beach front, we opted to go for lunch on the Terrace at L’Horizon. They serve food all day here, which meant it was pretty much our only option by the time we had finished milling around, given it was after 3pm! The Terrace has a beautiful view over the bay, with large creamy parasols to keep you shaded from the heat if you wish. The menu is quite extensive with a good choice for all tastes.

We settled in with our drinks and began the mammoth task of ordering! Given that we had all been out the night before and some of us felt a little fragile, we were in that limbo moment where you can never quite decide what you want to eat. I think we all switched choices about three times before finally deciding!

Not to worry though, as we weren’t in any rush and were quite content with a crisp, cold glass of rose to see us through the task! I must also mention my new favourite accessory. This gorgeous nautical bracelet is from a new online boutique that has recently been set up in Jersey, called Gracie Blue. 

The ethos behind Gracie Blue is focused on natural beauty, so you won’t find that any of the images of the models have been altered in any way. The style of the pieces from the boutique, represent simple elegance, with beachy undertones. Perfect for every Jersey Girl! I’ve already ordered a few pieces myself and urge you to check out the site to fill your summer wardrobe up too, you’ll be amazed at the reasonable prices! Anyway, back to lunch!

After devouring our deliciously warm sesame bread rolls, our tasty dishes finally appeared at the table. The girls had opted to share a pulled pork roll and scallop and king prawn skewers, whilst I had chosen the marinated beef noodle salad.

The pork roll and skewers were apparently just what the doctor ordered and the girls loved them, making sure every last morsel was savoured fully! The beef salad wasn’t as great I have to say. It was very tasty to start with and the fresh rocket was  a nice complement to the tender strips of beef; however, as you got through the very top layer, I found the rest of the dish to be swimming in soy sauce, which was a bit of overkill for me.

It could be a great dish though, so perhaps if you’re going to order it, maybe just ask them to go easy on the soy sauce. The service and atmosphere were great though, we spent quite some time drinking in the views, sighing heavily and agreeing how lucky we all are to live on such a beautiful island.

Having had our fill of lunch, we decided to walk back to the other end of the beach to the Oyster Box and settle in for a little more crisp rose, before indulging in dessert. There’s only one thing you can consider for dessert at the beach, ice cream of course!

We had a thoroughly great afternoon making the most of beautiful Jersey, I’m sure you will too if you happen to spend a day at St Brelade’s. Let me know your favourite spot down there if you happen to visit?

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