If you’re from Jersey or Guernsey, then you’re probably all too aware of the friendly rivalry between the two islands!

There’s no denying that each island thinks they are better than the other and inhabitants of both regularly jest to each other about why. However, there is also no denying that both islands are beautiful in their own right, as I discovered one again when Condor Ferries invited me to take a day trip with them to Guernsey.

We eagerly hopped onboard the newest vessel in the fleet, Condor Liberation, hit the breakfast bar and ordered our Champagne breakfast, then set sail over to Guernsey.

Condor had teamed up with Visit Guernsey to give us a quid day tour of the island, whilst experiencing some of the delights the Guernsey has to offer, and we were very excited to get stuck in. But before arriving to Guernsey, we had some very important business to attend to… Overseeing the lovely gentleman up on the bridge of course!

Ok, so maybe we weren’t overseeing them! But we did get a delightful tour of the bridge and an explanation of how the ship worked (a brief one!). I did try to get a picture of all three crew and captain looking at the camera, but as regulations dictate, someone must ALWAYS be watching out! So as you can evidently see above, it was impossible! I have to say, the Condor team were remarkably welcoming, despite our intrusion into their work and incessant questioning (sorry guys!).

After a very smooth sailing, we arrived in Guernsey to the beautiful sight of the majestic Anthem of the Seas cruise ship from Royal Caribbean, the 800 year old Castle Cornet which is Guernsey’s greeting as you enter and the general quaintness of St Peter Port Harbour. A Day Trip to Guernsey with Condor FerriesAfter arriving in a very sunny Guernsey, we hopped on to our coach for the day and departed on our tour if the idyllic island, taking a few snaps as we went. Our first port of call was the rather stunning Pembroke Bay.

With crystal clear waters and pure white sands, this beach could rival any mediterranean beach. You may even be forgiven for thinking you were in a tropical paradise! Aren’t our Channel Island beaches just gorgeous!?

Having indulged in a light lunch snack and soaking up some rays on the beach, we were ushered back on to our coach to mooch along to our next stop on the tour. The very ornate, Little Chapel.

The Little Chapel is actually the third version of the Chapel, built by Brother Déodat, who started work on his first Chapel in March 1914. Brother Déodat planned to create a miniature version of the famous grotto and basilica at Lourdes in France, after he became fascinated with them.

The site really is a true labour of love, decorated by hand with broken China and pebbles collected over the years. I was really quite surprised at the beauty of the stained glass windows inside and the detail that had gone in to every single chamber inside.

Personally, I think it would make a spectacular setting for an intimate dinner party with friends, although I believe more traditional individuals have used it for wedding ceremonies too!

The outside of the Chapel was exceptionally inviting to an adventurer like me, little tunnels and passage ways were just calling out to be explored. Oh, and we made some new fluffy friends on the way in, aren’t the little chicks cute?!

Inside is where the real magic is though, spectacular colours, dancing light beams and curvy corridors to explore. I particular liked the blue and white china archway, which welcomed us in.

Piling back on the bus, we sped off to finish our afternoon of activities with a crisp cliff path walk. Overlooking yet another beautiful Guernsey Bay, you really would think we’d just hopped on a private jet and gone for a very relaxing trip abroad, looking at the beauty the island has to offer. The coastline is immaculate and the beaches pristine, it also helped that the sun was shining on us all day!

Finally arriving back in St Peter Port, we had a little time to kill before boarding Condor’s other vessel, the Condor Rapide. So we did the only sensible thing we could think of, headed for a balcony table at Christie’s and ordered a bottle of bubbles! We went late in the afternoon, but if you would like a balcony table over lunch time, then you’re probably best to call ahead and book! 

A relaxing hour in the sunshine later, and we were ready to make our way back to our home in Jersey. We waved a fond farewell to Guernsey and it’s glistening waters, whilst watching the sail boats explore the wide open seas.

We were treated to yet another bridge tour once onboard Condor Rapide and better still, Condor even treated us to a delicious dinner and relaxing drinks in their conservatory style bar!

As we happily sailed in the sunset on the way back to Jersey, we watched the sea splash up against the side of the ship and reflected on the beautiful day we’d had on our sister island.

Given all of the beauty we had seen in Guernsey and the delightful hospitality we received, we both agreed to officially bury the hatchet and not partake in anymore jibes between the two islands …. well, until the next Siam Cup of course!

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