As you know, I am partial to a bit of a beach day. If the sun is shining, then that is where you will probably find me!

On this particular day, some friends and I decided to opt for St Ouens Bay, as we hadn’t visited there in a while. St Ouens Bay is widely known as the surfers paradise. Stretching for five stunning miles and with sands washed twice a day by Jersey’s wide ranging tides, you really can’t beat this spot for the surf.

We had a leisurely drive down to the bay and even spotted one of the cycling competitors from the Natwest Island Games, peddling away in the glorious sunshine.

We arrived in surfers paradise in the afternoon, where we instantly dived in to the most famous spot on the west coast of Jersey, The Watersplash. We ducked in for a quick brunch and a refreshing slush puppy, you’ve got to indulge when at the beach, after all! After setting ourselves up for the afternoon, we slinked on down to the beach to find our spot for a day of sun worshipping.

We dug our toes into the sand, laid back and breathed in the fresh sea air. Admiring the splashing waves lapping up on the shore and watching the skilled surfers, in awe of their talent. A perfectly relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

After a little laze around soaking up some rays and acclimatising to our new relaxing sanctuary for the afternoon, I decided to have a little wander around and a paddle in the sea. I wasn’t quite brave enough to dive in this time, but it was certainly a refreshing experience and the the sea was lovely, albeit a little bit chilly! If surfing is your thing though, grab your wetsuit and dive on in, the water is fine and the waves are rolling!

All that paddling was quite tiring, as I’m sure you can imagine. So obviously, I had brought supplies to perk us back up, in the form of a simple picnic and bubbles! Fresh fruit, freshly baked french baguette and a glass of fizz, the perfect combination for a day of luxury on the beach in Jersey.

Eventually, Jersey’s famous tide was true to nature and forced us to pack up and shuffle off the beach. We soaked up the very last of the idyllic views and the marvelled at the surfing kings, mastering the crashing waves.

I’d love to say I was one of them, but unfortunately I haven’t learnt the art of surfing yet, maybe one day though! Does anyone have any tips to get me started?? St Ouen’s is truly a paradise in its own right and well worth a visit.

If you’re coming to visit Jersey, it’s an unmissable tourist destination. For those of us who are lucky enough to live here permanently, be sure to make some time to visit St Ouen this summer, its such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

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