I’ve been very lucky with my blogging adventures so far. I’ve been invited to so many fabulous events and met some wonderful new friends.

One of the many lovely people I now have the pleasure of knowing is Suze, the magnificent writer of the Luxury Columnist blog. (Check it out if you haven’t already – tips galore!) On my most recent visit to London, Suze and her charming husband, had been kind enough to invite me to join them at Home House, a spectacular private members club in Portman Square. Home House Private Members Club, London With a very unassuming exterior, that only the ultra cool members and lucky guests know to hold such treasures, Home House welcomes you with a classic black London-esque door. There are numerous secrets kept hidden within these prestigious walls, I’m sure, you can almost hear them whispering to you as you enter.

The astounding interior is separated into so many stylish areas, with an absolute different feel to each one. The House is so complex and intricate at the same time, each room somehow flows into the next, despite being completely different. The rooms include a sumptuous drawing room style lounge, a completely modern bar with tantalising art and even a tempting club for later drinks. That is to name but a few of the many spaces in this vast escape. With stylish names for each room, such as Asylum Room, The Vaults and the Front Parlour, it is no surprise that The House attracts such high end and loyal clientele. Big names such as comedian Jimmy Carr, The Who’s Rogery Daltrey and even royalty from around the globe, count themselves as privileged members of The House. Of course, the business networking possibilities are endless too, you only have to pick up their in-house brochure to see the section of business tycoons that call Home House, home (at least occasionally!) I will also add at this stage, that the Home House publication is exceptionally well written, entertaining and very informative. If you are lucky enough to set foot in their doors, pick up a copy for yourself, mine has become a coffee table fixture already, at least until I can get back for issue number 3!

We began by attending a short poetry reading session, something totally out of the norm for me, albeit entertaining. I have to say though, the budding poets, on this occasion, were somewhat morbid and didn’t really entice us to stay for much more. The beautiful sunshine outside (one of the hottest days in London so far!) made the inside seem slightly dark due to bad photographic lighting and my not so great positioning, but I can promise you, photo’s do not do justice to this exquisite establishment. We took a stroll around the House for a little while more, drinking in the culture and inviting atmosphere. The art in particular is very special and thought provoking. Displayed in the Bisson Bar, you will find progressive pieces from Sally Fuerst, as seen in the last image above entitled ‘Lady Luck’. Sally tends to focus on female subjects and her passion exudes from all her pieces. I won’t say another word though… You will have to knock on the Home House black door to see more for yourself!

I was truly in awe of the image above. The larger portrait of the woman laying on her side, is actually made up of hundreds of smaller images of women’s silhouettes. A spectacular display of art in a very fine form. After admiring as much of the Home House empire as we could manage in a quick tour, we headed out to the beautiful terrace to round off our evening with a beautifully crisp bottle of sauvignon. Not before I stumbled on the delightfully Victorian floor though! Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned floor tiling, it all adds to the authenticity of class and glamour.

I think someone was looking rather shiny after all that time in the sun, oops! As the terrace area closes earlier, so as not to disturb residents nearby, we moved in to the plush library themed area seen above. Part inside and part outside, it was the perfect compromise. I can’t thank Suze and her husband enough, for introducing me to such a wonderful escape from the bustling streets of London. It felt like we could have been anywhere we’d dreamed up, and the staff were simply impeccable. Given that I only stay in a hotel quite literally next door on my trips to London, I sincerely hope to be able to visit again and explore more of what Home House has to offer, I can’t help feeling I have missed at least 20 rooms out, it was so vast! If you get an invitation to visit, please, go go go! You will not regret it, in fact, I’m almost certain you will enquire for membership! I hear the parties are legendary … One can but hope for an invitation to their next soiree!

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