An absolute highlight of my stay-cation in Jersey, was an afternoon trip to Les Écréhous with Jersey Seafaris.

Jersey Seafaris have been providing fantastic trips to locals and tourists alike, since 2011. Overseen by Richard and his welcoming team, they delight in ensuring you have a great experience with them, taking you to the little hidden gems in the ocean surrounding Jersey.

The Seafaris team had kindly offered to take us out to experience one of their many excursions, and I for one couldn’t wait! We piled into the car and headed down to St Catherine’s Breakwater, eager to launch in to the deep blue sea.

Greeted by Dan and Martin, we had a brief safety chat and hopped right into our super stylish seafaring gear!

I know it looks a little miserable weather-wise, but it was actually a lovely warm day, and Mr Sunshine did appear for us occasionally!

Once we were all strapped into our life vests, the guys kindly helped us into the RIB, where I dived straight to the front, naturally! I really am going to have to learn to sail at some point in the near future, I absolutely love being out at sea and Jersey is such a great place to make the most of it.  Needless to say, sat up the front of the RIB, I was rather excited to get going.

We peeled away from St Catherine’s slowly, taking in the sights of the other boats in the area as we snook our way out to sea. When we eventually reached the line of marker buoy’s, the fun really started! (I’ll put some videos on my Jersey Girl Facebook page, so you can head over and have a look later!)

Turning up the power, Dan whisked us away from the Breakwater and out in to our watery playground. We danced over the waves, catching the odd salty splash from the sea as we headed out deeper into the wide ocean, with Dan and Martin safely in control.

As we hit deeper waters, the waves swelled and we bumped our way further towards Les Écréhous. Literally taking off out of the water on a few occasions, we laughed and screamed the entire way through the journey!

You’ll have to hold on tight through the rollercoaster of a ride, crashing over the waves, but it is absolutely worth it! The whole experience is totally exhilarating and gives you such a sense of freedom. I would travel this way every day if I could!

By the time we crept up to Les Écréhous, our cheeks were hurting from laughing and smiling like Cheshire cats for the whole time, not to mention the exceptional view we were greeted with….

On a good day, you are highly likely to spot a pod of dolphins on your way to Les Écréhous with Seafaris, take a look at the Jersey Seafaris Facebook page to see their pictures and videos from recent trips. Unfortunately I didn’t see any this time, although there were some very cute seals bobbing around in the water!

Les Écréhous are made up of two reefs, which have a huge tidal range of 12m. The area was declared a Ramsar site back in 2005, which means it is protected due to it’s wide range of wildlife and importance as a wetland area.

Arriving on shore, I almost felt we were invading! Sliding out of the RIB directly on to the beach, we descended for our relaxing afternoon on the stony beach.

Dan and Martin were exceptionally helpful, pointing out the best place to go swimming safely and giving us a little history of the area. Did you know that there is actually no running water or electricity here?! (yes, that does mean no bathrooms also!)

This means that no one actually lives here permanently of course, although one man did many years ago. I imagine he got pretty lonely, but he did have his very own paradise for a little while at least!

We explored the rocky wilderness around us, admiring the little huts dotted around, which are used by locals as a little retreat from time to time Finally, we settled on a perfect spot to sit and enjoy our picnic.

Having never been to Les Écréhous before and being a bit of a water baby, I was absolutely adamant that I would be going swimming in the sea whilst here! Despite the others looking at us like crazy people (the water was pretty cold by this time!) we dressed down in to our swimwear and waded out in to the sea.

Its actually pretty hard to get out there at any sort of normal speed, as you have to clamber over all the pebbles and rocks to get in the sea, I think waterproof shoes might be needed next time!

Submersing ourselves in the cold sea, we swam for a little while, putting on brave faces. Until the Jelly Fish turned up! They have been sneaking around Jersey recently and we certainly weren’t going to stick around to swim with them! So of course, we made a VERY graceful and calm exit from the sea…..

Holiday Guide to Jersey: Les Ecrehous with Jersey SeafarisYep, that’s us absolutely legging it as fast as we could away from the big scary Jelly Fish!

Having accomplished our sea swim and devoured our lush picnic, it was time to jump back on the RIB for the return journey, I was just as equally excited as I had been for the journey out!

We waved goodbye to the Governor, who had been making his official annual visit to Les Écréhous, hence the decorative bunting around the place and the other little boats dotted around.

We had an absolutely amazing day with Jersey Seafaris, I cannot thank them enough for introducing me to the idyllic Écréhous and the adrenaline filled RIB trip, which made our day!

A trip with them definitely has to be top of your holiday list, or even just your summer activities plan if you live here, you will not forget the day in a hurry and it opens up whole new places for you to explore. You can also do a sunset tour, pop over to France for dinner or perhaps visit the Minquiers instead. I know they are all on my list now!

To see their upcoming schedule, simply visit the Jersey Seafaris website and get yourself booked in. Let me know which one you go for and how your trip is after, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Jersey Seafaris 

07829 772222

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  1. I love the Ecrehous! Such a unique place. My husband did this with Seafaris for his stag do and my brother in law has a rib so I can totally relate to the breezy bumpy ride out there! Such a beauty!

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