Given the huge array of culinary delights available in Jersey, no holiday trip would be complete without an indulgent evening in one of the 4 Michelin Star restaurants available on the island.

For my indulgent night out, I was going to visit Bohemia Bar & Restaurant, as they had kindly invited me in to try out their tasting menu.

Recently voted the best restaurant in Jersey in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2016 and featured in the guide’s ‘Top 50 Restaurants’, I had very high hopes for our tasting menu experience.

The restaurant is headed up by the super talented Steve Smith, who has been at the helm for over two years now. He has enjoyed numerous successes whilst running the restaurant, including being awarded 4AA stars, as well as scooping the Catey Chef of the Year award in 2014 and being listed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants.

We arrived slightly early and took the opportunity to climb up to the relaxed bar area for a chilled glass of Sauvignon, we were indulging after all!

Having relaxed for a little while at the bar, the very friendly and efficient maître d’, Dimitri, came to escort us to our table. The atmosphere in the dining room was very relaxed and great care had been taken to seat diners strategically, so we all felt as though we were in our own little private areas, which makes conversations so much easier!

Greeted with warm, fresh bread rolls, we dived straight in to our meal. With a choice of Jersey Butter or Seaweed flavoured butter, we may have had more than our fair share of bread, not advisable on a tasting menu!

We were treated to an array of appetisers to start with, including pea soup served with a delicate crisp, ham hock on toasted bread with pickle and deliciously gooey cheese fritters. The cheese fritters were easily my favourite, as you can probably tell from the above picture!

All the appetisers were fresh and made using local produce, which I always think makes food taste so much better.

Our first surprise course to arrive, was Asparagus, with a Paris Brown mushroom sorbet and a perfectly cooked Quail Egg. Unbelievably moreish! This was quite possibly my favourite dish of the evening, although there was stiff competition to follow…

It tasted like nothing I’d had before and the combination of flavours was divine. It was also very light, a great way to ease us in to the courses that lay ahead!

Next up, Foie Gras Cream, with a Sour Cherry topping, Duck Salad and sprinkles of Pistachio. I have always proclaimed to absolutely hate pistachio; however, along with the rich Foie Gras and sour cherry flavours, it worked perfectly.

It also looked like a total work of art! After breaking through the sour cherry topping, the smooth Foie Gras was revealed underneath, and there was a very generous amount of it.

Now half way through our surprise tasting menu, this absolute stunner of a Scallop was placed in front of us, just look at the size of it! The scallops used are left to age longer than usual, allowing them to grow to this fantastic size.

This course consisted of Scallop, Celeriac and Truffle with Apple and Smoked Eel. The huge Truffle was brought out to the table and grated on to the dish in front of our eyes, which released the gorgeous aroma in to the air – totally dreamy! I am an absolute sucker for Truffles!

Our next course was Suckling Belly Pig, Cauliflower, Chard and Apricot. Now, none of the afore mentioned ingredients are my favourite, which is why this was my least favourite dish. I’m not a big fan of fatty meats, which is of course what you get with Belly Pig!

I also don’t particularly like flavours that are too earthy, and Chard has a tendency to be just that. So whilst this dish was perfectly put together, it wasn’t my personal cup of tea although I can see how the flavours did marry together and plenty of other people would probably devour it!

As we were so unbelievably full already, we skipped the outstanding cheese trolley (a HUGE deal for me, considering cheese is my favourite thing ever!) and went straight to our pre-dessert.

Probably my second favourite course of the evening, Elderflower and Peach Bellini. It encompassed the perfect amount of every texture, flavour and delivered just the right amount of refreshing punch with its dreamy after-taste. We couldn’t have asked for more … well, we could, but that would have been greedy, and we needed room for dessert!

Since we needed a little down time before devouring dessert, we popped in to the kitchen to say hello to the very talented chefs (and a big thank you of course!) and also to show you a sneaky pic of the chef’s table, which you can book for special occasions – I would highly recommend a trip here, don’t worry, it’s air-conditioned and you have front row seat to all the kitchen action!

For the pièce de résistance, we were presented with a slither of Black Forest Gateaux, with Vanilla and Cherry Ripple Ice Cream.

Rich, sumptuous, indulgent and totally naughty! All the best things in life! We did in fact struggle to complete it, but wow, it was worth it!

The rich and velvety chocolate dessert was totally divine! As was the whole meal and the service in general! We left feeling fully satisfied and treated spectacularly well.

If visiting Jersey, or even just looking for a delicious diner out, give Bohemia a call and try them out. You won’t regret it! Let me know what you think?

Bohemia Bar & Restaurant

Tel: 01534 876500

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