Sunshine, Sea and Sand. My three favourite things. Which is why the annual seaside festival is the perfect day for me.

Every August, for one day only, the streets are closed to traffic and this beautiful beachfront location plays host to the Havre des Pas Seaside Festival.

Holiday Guide to Jersey: Havre des Pas Seaside Festival

The beach is packed out with locals and holiday makers, clambering for their own sandy little patch, to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

I headed down with a group of friends to join in the festivities and enjoy the sunshine.

We took a stroll along the seafront and breathed in the fresh sea air, following the sound of live music, drawing us closer to the bustling crowd of people down on the beach.

The street was filled with little stalls selling hats and various souvenirs, as well as rides and games for the littles to play.

The air is scented with the smell of the fresh sea, mixed together with the alluring aroma of various dishes being cooked on the roadside, all sweetened with fluffy candy floss!

We passed a giant pan of a rich looking chicken dish and a very aromatic rotisserie chicken stand, before diving straight into the burgers and hot dogs a little further along!

Before heading down to the open air stage on the beach, we took a little walk along the Pier to the lido, which has recently been taken over by two local chaps, who are in the process of developing the establishment … watch this space!

The Lido was filled with families and seaside favourites, such as a giant deckchair and classic head in the hole photo opportunities, which we of course had to play with!

The seaside festival caters for all ages, with fun and games for the family and a great musical line up for the adults. This year’s festival was no exception. the line up featured the likes of; Any Given Sunday, DJ Stefunk, Run for Cover, Brave Yesterday and an amazing set from the Rocksteady DJ’s.

We eventually headed down to the beach to take up our picnic bench, right next to the Bouncing Brew, and enjoy the summer tunes from the Rocksteady DJ’s. You can check out a video clip of the atmosphere they created, on my Facebook page!

We really couldn’t have asked for better weather for the day, the energy was fantastic, with people dancing and twirling round the beach and splashing around in the sea.

We lapped up the very last of the sunshine and marvelled at the spectacular sunset from the sandy shores of our beautiful Jersey.

If you’re heading over to Jersey next summer, put the seaside festival in your diary, it’s perfect for all ages and a great way to enjoy the Jersey sunshine!

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  1. Why is Jersey just so much more lovely than the rest of the UK? The coast isn’t that different! This looks like the sort of event to go on my bucket list for next summer!

    CB x

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