Given that Jersey is located just over an hour away from French France, it would be a shame not to pop over for a visit if you’re holidaying in Jersey.

Once again, I found myself climbing onboard the ferry, courtesy of Condor Ferries, and heading out toward the Atlantic Ocean.

I know I go on about it a little bit, but I so love being out at sea. You can’t beat the fresh sea air and the wide open views of the ocean.

We celebrated our impending day roaming Saint Malo, with mimosa’s for breakfast and a catch up on the latest gossip! Finally feasting our eyes on the beautiful port of St Malo and the sunshiny day awaiting us.

Saint Malo is a walled port city on the North-west coast of France. Dating well back into the middle ages, the city was almost completely destroyed in 1944 during World War 2 by American shelling and bombing, along with British naval gunfire. It took a 12 year labour of love to return it to its former glory, finally being completed in 1960.

I for one, think they did a fabulous job! The streets inside the walls are so quaint, with cobbles throughout and tasty looking boulangerie’s, cheese shops and patisseries dotted around every corner. The scent of fresh baking and crepes fills the air, accompanied by the relaxing sound of local street musicians, all adding to the authentic French atmosphere.

After a quick stroll around we headed straight for the first place on my list, La Java Cafe. I’d heard much about the cafe before, but had not yet had a chance to visit it, so was looking forward to experiencing all it’s quirks and boy, does it have a lot of them!

My favourite part and 100% my reason for visiting, are the swings at the bar. You simply hop up, order your drink, and gently swing away, chatting with friends!

The whole cafe is decked out with old dolls and signs and various other pieces of decor, it’s certainly unique. The owner is super friendly too, he will happily chat away to you and give wine recommendations at the bar. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in Saint Malo, unless of course you are easily freaked out by dolls and clowns!

After a fun afternoon of swinging (behave!), we decided it might be time to go off in search of some French cuisine for lunch.

Despite the area inside the walls being relatively small, you are spoilt for choice by great restaurants in Saint Malo. We wandered up and down the square, scanning the bustling restaurants and tasty menus, before making our very important decision.

We eventually plumped for Cafe de L’Ouest, with its scarlet canopies and chairs, adorning the street in front of the restaurant.

Settling in to our seats and trying not to get sucked in to people watching, we stuck our heads in to the menu and ordered a chilled bottle of Domaines Ott Rose, when in France after all!

After much deliberation, we ordered what we considered to be a mostly healthy lunch! But not before an appetiser of mackerel pate arrived with plump little bread treats.

Holiday Guide to Jersey: Day Trip to France

I had ordered a Chicken Ceaser Salad for lunch, whilst my companion opted for fresh Crab with Frites. When both dishes arrived, we were stunned at how big they were! Both looked deliciously inviting,

I can honestly say that mine was the best Chicken Ceaser Salad I’ve ever had. Fresh and crunchy, with a tangy dressing and perfectly succulent chicken, all topped with lashings of my favourite food – cheese!

My friend totally enjoyed the crab too, although there was a lot of work involved in getting to the meat, just look at the size of him!

After such a sumptuous meal, it seemed only fitting that we should pop inside and thank the chef! Both him and whole team were really friendly, they are all interested in finding about where you’re from and why you’re visiting, truly excellent hospitality. They even posed for a few photo’s and let me pinch one of their uber cool hats!

Feeling very full up and satisfied, we relaxed in the sun a little more and walked off our lunch with another little stroll around the streets, and maybe just a tiny bit of shopping!

I also found my perfect shop, stripes, stripes and more stripes! Love it!

With full tummy’s, our new stripy purchases and some smelly French cheese, we slowly mooched back towards the ferry terminal for our journey back.

Day trips to Saint Malo start from just £30.00 return per person, definitely a day out worth taking if you have time. A word of advice though, the restaurants get pretty busy at lunch time, we were lucky to get a table! So if there is a group of you, take a little time in advance to pre-book your lunch spot.

Let me know what you think if you get time to go for a visit?

Au Revoir!

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  1. Hello there,

    If you can, come to St Malo at Chtistmas market time, if the weather is wintery, it is really worth a visit, more secret and concealed 🙂



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