I have a new favourite hideaway in Jersey. It involves, sun, sea, sand and food. Very good food, at that.

Tucked away in the beautiful Portelet Bay, is this little gem of an establishment, known as the Portelet Bay Cafe. This delightful place opened up in July this year and has been packed to the rafters ever since.

Now, if you are planning on visiting the cafe, you have to be really committed, getting to this idyllic spot requires a little walk, but it’s the getting back which is the challenge. On the plus side, you will most definitely have walked off your delicious lunch!

You can’t complain about the views on the way down either, Portelet Bay is completely breathtaking and one of my favourite spots on the island.

After achieving your first goal of actually reaching the beach, you can reward yourself by kicking off your shoes, digging your toes into the sand and plodding your way along the beach, towards your end goal …. Pizza!

The cafe itself is very unassuming and looks just like a wooden shack on the beach, which is part of its rustic charm. Simply climb a few more stairs and wait for the friendly staff to come and find you a spot to relax.

One thing I will say, is that you are probably best to book ahead whenever possible. We went on a bit of a whim and were almost turned away, as the cafe was so unbelievably busy! Luckily though, they managed to squeeze us in! You can contact the team on 01534 728550 or email jerseywoodfire@icloud.com to book.

Inside, the cafe is tastefully decorated with simple wooden furniture, rustic blackboard menu’s and a general earthy feel throughout. The whole design focuses not on the inside of the establishment, but rather aim’s to draw your attention to the spectacular surroundings of the bay and the natural beauty of area.

We pondered the menu for a little while, settling on three different choices for the table. I had a little nosy around before heading outside to our picnic bench table.

The great thing about Portelet Bay Cafe, is that all the pizza’s are authentically cooked in a wood fire oven. It makes for a great feature in the cafe and truly brings out the best taste in all the ingredients.

The team all work together to top off the tasty looking pizza’s, before serving them to the hungry waiting customers! Speaking of which, it was time for me to take my seat and await the arrival of my cheesy feast!

I enjoyed the view a little more, but didn’t have to wait long until lunch arrived. We had opted for the spicy Diavolo, the slightly healthier Prosciutto and the traditional Pepperoni.

Portelet Bay Cafe is a BYOB establishment, so if you do want a little glass of wine with your lunch, then make sure you pick up your own before you get there!

There really wasn’t anything not to like about this place. The pizza itself was probably the best I’ve had in a long time. A deliciously crisp crust, on a thin soft base, with super fresh toppings. Tearable and shareable with groups of friends, the perfect choice for a casual weekend lunch.

It was the kind of pizza that you can’t leave behind. Even when you know you’re at bursting point, it would be absolute sacrilege not to finish it all off! You can really tell that the staff take a lot of pride in their produce too, I understand why so many people make the effort to visit them down on the beach, despite the hike back up!

You can check out what the guys are up to and their opening times, by following them on their Facebook page.

Whatever you do, promise me you will go visit them and get yourself a pizza the action? You won’t regret it!

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