The latest venture from the Calvani Group has arrived in Jersey, and boy, it’s a good one!

Another brain child of Marcus Calvani (you may remember I mentioned Marcus back in my review of La Cantina) and the bar’s namesake, Josh Band, JB’s Bar brings a fresh approach to a night out with friends.

JB's Ping Pong Bar Jersey

Of course, that meant that the girls and I had to get down there ASAP and check out the action!

Josh Band is somewhat of a Table Tennis legend in Jersey and further afield, for that matter! Having competed in The Commonwealths, The Island Games and for the Jersey World Championships Team. So he’s the perfect man to teach you how to get to grips with a paddle!

I love the style of the whole bar, simple wooden top tables which have been lovingly handcrafted, are tattooed with the JB’s logo. The whole place is bright and airy, with splashes of colour thrown in and little fun touches here and there, such as a great selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets or the fab popcorn machine!

Even the entrance to the bar tells you a story! Take a peek at some ping pong memorabilia and learn about the history of the game, it’s all quite serious you know!

Some of these facts are just astounding, imagine playing for over 8 hours straight!

Anyway, onto our favourite part of JB’s … the Wimblepong Table! This VIP area is astroturfed, with painted spectators on the walls and a little white picket fence, which I think was mainly to try and contain us!

The super manager, Ross, had kindly arranged for bubbles to be waiting for us in our Wimblepong area, which was a lovely surprise! We happily tucked in to this and our wine, along with a little popcorn treat, before finally getting down to the serious stuff!

Ok, maybe I pretended to be an air traffic controller and give directions for a little bit, but then we really did get stuck in to playing!

Have I ever mentioned what a competitive group of friends I have before? Well, I do. Not one of us likes to loose, which made for a pretty aggressive start to our games. We’re not particularly good at the softly, softly approach! Ping Pong balls were flying all over the place and quite frankly, we needed help!

Cue a little tutorial from the man himself, JB! After being introduced a little more elegantly into the world of Ping Pong, we calmly took up our places again and began a much more restrained game…

Obviously some were more restrained than others and I spent quite a bit of time chasing the ball, even crawling under the table to retrieve it, oops!

Luckily for me, after all this hard work, JB’s Bar had the perfect pick me up, in the form of their delicious new Gastro-Bar menu. Hotdogs, Monster Burgers, Salads and Sides, a bit of something for everyone.

Now, I can’t resist a good burger, but even I know I can’t handle anything bigger than the normal sized burger. If you’re brave, then give the Bigga’ Mac burger a go, otherwise just stick with my normal sized one. They are equally delicious I’m sure and I was very impressed with mine. In fact, the girls didn’t hear a peep from me for a good ten minutes … mission accomplished, JB’s!

A fluffy brioche bun, succulent homemade beef burger (from one of Jersey’s best butchers) and oozing melty cheese. Heaven. Obviously with all that running around after Ping Pong balls, the calories didn’t matter one bit either, winner!

The girls and I had a great night in JB’s and left with silly faces and feeling like we’d reverted back to being children again, exactly the giddy kind of feeling that all girls night’s should end on.

JB's Ping Pong Bar Jersey

JB’s can cater for large parties for special occasions, or you can simply book for a small group of you for fun. They are also perfectly happy to accept walk in’s, but given how much fun we had, I would say they won’t have much availability for long!

To book your table and bouncing night with friends, you can call them on 01534 888115 or email Or simply go and pay them a visit at 4 Wharf Street, St Helier, Jersey.

Happy Ping-Ponging!

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    1. I’m not sure why you thought you’d get a deal?! My blog is my online diary of my experiences out around Jersey and further afield. Sounds like you might be better looking at quids in, if you’re after cheapy deals! That’s certainly not what my site is about! I’m sure maccy D’s have a cheap burger on the menu if you fancy it! 😉


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