If you live in Jersey, no doubt you have been enjoying some of the fantastic Tennerfest deals available over the last month, all around Jersey

For those of you who may not have had a chance to indulge in a Jersey Tennerfest yet, let me explain…

A relatively new ‘tradition’ in Jersey, Tennerfest has now been going for 13 years in the Channel Islands. The original idea began with restaurants offering set menu’s for the phenomenal price of £10! Hence, the name ‘tenner’-fest.

Over the years the tradition has evolved, as have food prices, inevitably. The Tennerfest now includes menu’s ranging from the original £10 – £20 and also a gourmet option, which allows restaurants to offer a more complex menu at a price of their choosing.

For my first Tennerfest experience this year, a friend and I decided to try out La Siesta Restaurant, which is described as a truly authentic tapas and bistro.

La Siesta Jersey

Their delicious tapas menu was priced at just £12.50 for three tapas dishes. Whilst this doesn’t sound a lot, they are quite substantial portions.

The interior of the restaurant is very traditional and a has a romantic feel to it. Adorned with deep red fabrics and each table bathed in candle light, it’s a very relaxing atmosphere, supported by a genuinely friendly and attentive team.

There was even a sneaky Christmas Tree in the restaurant, which many people would say is far too early, but I loved it as I’m feeling exceptionally excited about Christmas this year!

We decided to combine our efforts and share six different tapas dishes between us, sharing is caring after all!

After quite some time perusing the menu options, we opted for a complete mix of tasty morsels.

Including, mini fish and chips…

La Siesta Jersey

Asparagus with two sauces, spinach and toasted almonds….

La Siesta Jersey

Crispy tempura chicken with lime and coriander mayonnaise….

La Siesta Jersey

Goats cheese bruschetta with basil and caramelised red onions….

La Siesta Jersey

Lightly spiced lamb meatballs in a roasted pepper and tomato sauce and, fried potatoes with chorizo sausage in a tomato and herb sauce…

La Siesta Jersey

Which all in all, made for a very sumptuous looking dinner and an extremely full table! We were up for the challenge though, and got stuck in straight away!

La Siesta Jersey

I have been debating which dish I would most suggest after this dinner, but quite frankly, it was pretty tough to single one out!

All the tapas were fresh and tasty, with a great variety to chose from. Despite being bite size tasters of larger dishes, each of our tapas packed a punch, perfectly flavoured with herbs and spices, with an enticing aroma that filled the restaurant.

I especially enjoyed the asparagus which was crunchy and worked well with the toasted almonds. On reflection though, I think I have to plump for the chicken as my favourite. Simple and classic, but very moreish!

The great thing about tapas for me, is the sharing way in which it can be enjoyed. It’s a perfect way to catch up with friends and dip in and out of different dishes, without the formalities of a three course dinner. Plus, it opens your eyes to a burst of new flavours and foods.

If you haven’t visited La Siesta yet, get yourself along and let me know what you think? There’s still 10 days to grab their Tennerfest menu, so make the most of it whilst you can!

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