Presents are great, whatever the occasion, a little gift can always lift your mood. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to treat myself to one each month!

A friend recently introduced me to the fabulous world of You Beauty Discovery boxes. It’s a very simple process, you simply visit their website, sign yourself up and Voilà, you’re all set to go!

For just £6.95 per month (including P&P!) you will get a little beauty box treat delivered to your door to brighten up your day.

My first little treat arrived recently, so I decided to share a few thoughts on what goodies were included.

Beauty Box Monthly Beauty Box Monthly

First of all, the boxes are adorable. The sort of box that you will stash away somewhere just in case you might need to store bits and pieces in it at some point in the future. Considering they will arrive monthly, I strongly advise you resist this temptation!

The first products I tried, were the Argan Oil Deep Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. The bottles are the perfect size for travelling, so I almost saved them for one of my (ever increasingly frequent) business trips!

But of course, temptation took over and I didn’t save them for long….

Beauty Box Monthly

I’m still not sure on my total verdict on this. The shampoo feels like it totally strips your hair, first of any hardship it has suffered through the day, but then also of any oils, nutrition or nourishment that was possibly in it! Not the best feeling.

I may have judged too quickly though, as once I applied the Argan Oil conditioner, all that was restored, and more. The product left my hair feeling light and renewed, I would only urge you to never use the shampoo alone, as I imagine the results would not be so great!

Beauty Box Monthly

Next up, I tried out the Colour Stay Gel Envy nail varnish by Revlon. I didn’t expect much from this, as I have terrible luck with nail varnish. I can spend hours painting my nails, only to chip it all off again the next day, and I have tried plenty of different brands.

I don’t like to have gels or acrylic, as I have naturally strong and well shaped nails, so don’t want to risk ruining them. I have searched for a good polish for sometime which, I’m happy to say, I have finally found in Revlon!

It took me less time than usual to apply the polish, as it drys so quickly. I had a neutral colour which acted as a base coat also, which was followed by the application of the Diamond Top Coat. Both varnishes have a gel like texture to them, without being harsh on your nails. Quite simply, they were quick, easy and stayed put. Four days later and I still hadn’t managed to ruin them, impressive!

Beauty Box Monthly

The final little treat in my You Beauty Discovery Box, was a sample of The White Company day and night perfume. The day one was soft and not too overpowering, with a scent reminiscent of summer. I wasn’t a fan of the night one however, I found it way too powerful and frankly, it reminded me of a mans aftershave!

The best thing about this particular box, is that you get to chose your products each month. Rather than signing up for a box where you receive whatever you are given. You Beauty send you an email at the beginning of each month and invite you to chose your two products from a list of around ten … but be quick, they will get snapped up fast!

To give yourself a little treat every month, simply visit their website and sign up! Let me know what you chose for your next box and how you like it?

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