This time last week, I was still revelling in the excitement from the Bonfire Night celebrations the night before.

Bonfire Night has always been one of my favourite times of year, I have very rarely missed a display each year and they always seem to get better and better.

This year, we decided to head up to the St Martins Bonfire Night taking place in St Martins Field. The event is organised by the Gorey Fete Committee and money raised from admissions was going towards the Jersey Alzheimer’s Association.

After lovely hospitality and dinner at a friends house close by, we pottered over into the Bonfire event, just in time to get toastie near the roaring fire.

I’ve never been to the St Martins Bonfire Night before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it seems it has a great reputation, as half of Jersey had turned out to enjoy the evening! (Ok, slight exaggeration, but there were a lot of people!)

We had a wander round the stalls and dipped in to the bar to grab mulled wine to keep our hands warm! We also went to say hello to Richard and Sarah, who you may have seen in my Cider Festival post, as they were also selling their delicious La Robeline Saucisse Baguettes … just look at the size of them!

The celebrations had a live band, a guy fawkes making competition and plenty of stalls selling food and drinks. There were also pop up shops selling light up toys and glow sticks for the children, which were whizzing all around the field!

St Martins Bonfire Night Jersey

After enjoying the live music and the great community atmosphere for a while, it was finally time for the main event, a dazzling display of fireworks!

This is the best part of the evening for me, I love a good firework display! The MC came over the speakers, encouraging the whole crowd to join in a excited countdown to the big display, before the first spectacular blast went off. Here are a few pics of the great display that followed, don’t forget to do your own countdown…!

These last fireworks came at the end of the display and were definitely my favourites. They exploded as one colour, but gradually became the colours of the rainbow as they fell back towards the ground, it was a truly magical display, exactly why this is one of my favourite times of the year. Thanks to the Gorey Fete Committee and Starburst Fireworks for a fab evening!

What did you get up to for Bonfire Night? I’d love to see your pictures from other displays too!

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