This Sunday saw the festivities in Jersey step up a notch, with the arrival of the the Christmas Parade.

The Battle of Flowers Christmas Parade features floats that are used during the summer Battle of Flowers Parade in August, funnily enough!

The teams from each parish in the Battle of Flowers, work painstakingly for months on end to produce the spectacular floats we see in August. Then, after all that hard work, they pull them all to pieces and start again, decorating them with new sparkly coats for the Christmas Parade.

Before taking a peek at the floats though, we had time for a little stroll around the Norman French Market.

Jersey Battle of Flowers Christmas Parade

It seemed plenty of other people also had the same idea! It is a great place to pick up some little Christmas foodie gifts and French wine, amongst other things.

Packed tightly around the glistening Christmas tree in the Weighbridge, we weaved around stalls packed with fresh fruit and veg, chutneys, herbs and spices, sweet treats and baked goods. You could even get your hands on some festive mistletoe to sweeten your Christmas!

A great selection of smelly cheeses were available, along with an array of beautiful French wines, the perfect accompaniment. The French certainly know how to provide for a good girly night in!

The air was filled with the scent of enticing French goods, as stalls cooked creamy crêpes for the hungry crowds and mulled cider bubbled away in a big pot, a perfect treat to warm up your hands whilst watching the parade!

After indulging in the French atmosphere, we made our way back towards the parade route. Unfortunately, we hadn’t quite planned for half of Jersey to turn out for the parade!

The streets were packed with families and friends all eager to get a look at the festive floats, which meant the crowd was 7 or 8 people deep in some places.

Given that I am not the tallest person in the world, this did make it very difficult to see as much as I would have liked and of course, to get great pictures to share with you! Nevertheless, here are a few little pics that I did manage to squeeze in!

As you can probably see, Santa made quite a few appearances, much to the delight of the many children around! It was just a bit of a shame that not everyone could see the parade really, hopefully next year we might be better prepared and get there earlier, or even perhaps move to a location with more standing room for all.

I finished the evening off by helping a friend to finally put up their Christmas tree. (If you follow my Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have seen mine already went up a while ago, on account of me feeling particularly festive this year!)

This was honestly the hardest Christmas tree I have ever had to put up! It involved a drill, screws and a hammer to actually get it stabilised in the rather creative stand! Although it was actually a very comical affair, we certainly deserved to reward ourselves with a glass of vino afterwards!

Jersey Battle of Flowers Christmas Parade

Finally relaxed after all our hard work and the excitement of the festivities, I resolved to take a little late night walk up the main street in the hopes of getting some snaps of the Christmas lights, before turning in for the night.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed and neither were plenty of you, judging by all the likes on the picture on Facebook … (Thank You!)

I have always loved the King Street Christmas lights and the streets looked beautiful whilst completely deserted at night. It was a very magical feeling and definitely my favourite festive moment so far.

Did you attend the Christmas Parade this weekend? What has your favourite festive moment been so far?

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