Sometimes, shopping is such hard work. So much so, that you need to stop off somewhere quick and easy to refuel. Enter Bento Sushi.


Perfectly quick and easy, handily located in the heart of town and always consistent, Bento Sushi is the answer for many of us.

Now, you may find it odd that I visit a sushi restaurant for my afternoon sustenance, given that I am a self professed loather of most fish dishes, with a few slight exceptions!

This is another reason I decided to share this post with you, to show that Bento’s is not just for the fish lovers out there!

There are plenty of other options to chose from to suit all tastes, meats, fish, vegetables and poultry, but to start with for me, some (almost) healthy, salted Edamme Beans!


Accompanied by a not so healthy, Asahi dry Japanese beer! And a little Teapigs pot of tea for my friend.



I personally love the chicken dishes at Bento, although I admit I wasn’t hugely adventurous on this particular trip, but hey, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more visits in future. So here are a few of my favourites from Bento.

I started off with the Java Chicken, succulent chicken strips which are griddled in Java curry oil and served with a perfectly tangy sour cream dip – a match made in heaven!

Next up, the delicious Negima Yakitori dish. This has always been my ultimate favourite so far! Chicken skewers with fresh spring onion, all drizzled in a thick Teriyaki sauce.

I always tend to end up a little messy with this one also, I will be first to admit that I am totally useless with chopsticks! But who cares, it tastes great and I get there in the end!

I finished off with another chicken dish, the Gyoza Japanese dumplings, soft steamed little pouches, bursting full with chicken and vegetables and served in their own spicy dipping sauce.


You can also grab a dessert off the carousel, but I’m much more of a savoury person, plus, you don’t want to have to walk too much food off after your pit-stop lunch!

Bento Sushi Jersey is perfect for a quick refuel whilst doing your Christmas shopping, you can find them on Commercial Street and they are open for you to visit Monday to Saturday. If you don’t have time to sit in, you can always use their click and collect service online too!

Let me know your favourite pit-stop dish at Bento’s if you visit?

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