I seem to have spent an awful lot of time at De Gruchy’s this year, but they just have so much to offer, that it’s impossible to stay away!

My excuse for this particular night, was to attend a Crème de la Mer beauty night, which had been organised by a friend.

I actually attended this party some time ago now, but as the January sales have arrived and I’m sure plenty of you are looking for new products to indulge in, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. Hopefully you can find a little inspiration!

We arrived to Champagne and delicious edible treats, all freshly prepared from the De Gruchy’s very own cafe upstairs.

Our beautiful hosts for the evening were Roz and Diane, both full of smiles and joy and a never ending supply of knowledge about Crème de la Mer!

Crème de la Mer is a premium skincare range. You can expect to pay top prices for a very refined and luxurious product and there’s a very good reason for it. The products feel like silk on your skin and are the result of extreme dedication and commitment from an inspired man.

The history of Crème de la Mer began half a century ago, when an aerospace physicist had an unfortunate accident in his laboratory and suffered burns to his face.

Dr. Max Huber then made it his life mission to create the prefect solution to transform the look of his skin. Dr. Huber hand harvested sea-kelp and fermented it with a range of simple, pure ingredients. 12 long years later and after over 6000 experiments, Dr. Huber finally perfected his nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™. It is this lovingly created ingredient that is still found at the heart of all Crème de la Mer products today.

We were given an introduction to the various shades of Reparative Skin Tint and tested a few out to find our perfect match. These tints are prefect for use during summer, as they’re not too heavy on your skin, but give you a nice even tone and soft glow.

Next, we were introduced to the brand new Treatment Massage Tool. This cool and sleek tool has been created to help improve radiance and increase microcirculation in your skin. Our experts recommended that you use this with your serum and build the massage into your daily routine. There are three different massage techniques that you can use, all of which are clearly explained in the brochure.

I have to say, a few of us felt pretty sleepy just watching the demonstration of how the massage tool should be used, it looked so relaxing, despite the fact it is actually working to awaken your skins circulation!

It also happens to look like a fish like shape – which is funny considering who the Crème de la Mer famous residents are in De Gruchy’s! Mr Orange (not his real name) is renowned for being a little bit grumpy though!

We sat and happily chatted, whilst sipping our Rosè bubbles and learning more about the expansive range of products available. Our fantastic hosts were happy to answer any questions we had, and graciously gave us testers to ensure we made the right choices before finally settling on our purchases for the evening.

Our hosts even sent us away with a little goodie bag of testers to try out also, all of which I have been very much enjoying and can highly recommend! In particular, I found The Body Crème to be extremely useful for rehydrating skin after a long day exposed to the elements in Jersey, rain or shine!

If you would like to enjoy your own Crème de la Mer evening, simply pop along to the store and speak to Roz or Diane, who I’m sure will be more than happy to help you arrange a perfect pampering evening for the ladies.

Let me know what your favourite product is if you pay them a visit? Happy shopping!

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