Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little break from the elysium we live in daily, and take a little trip to the big city.

Which is exactly what I did towards the end of last year! It was only a short little break for a couple of days in London, but it was certainly worth it. I always love the look of a seasonal London in the cold weather.

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Before I headed over, I had a little chat with Angie from Silverspoon London, and asked her advice on where to go for a nice lunch. Needless to say, she had plenty of brilliant suggestions (check out her blog!), but the one that caught my attention, was Tozi, London.


Basically, I heard they have Prosecco on tap, who can resist trying that out?! I got in touch with one of my lovely friends who moved to London a little while back and we arranged to meet up for lunch.

Arriving at the restaurant, it was totally packed! That didn’t dampen the service though, the staff were with us before we’d even got all the way through the door, offering to take coats and bags and sweeping us off to our table.

The interior is very open plan and you can even have a little peek into the kitchen, which is great for a nosy person like me!

Our menu’s arrived promptly and we dived straight into our Prosecco treat, which of course was served in little tumblers, how else?!

Tozi is a Venetian-Italian style restaurant, serving cicchetti dishes, although they are rather more generous than the cicchetti portions I have been used to!

We were advised to opt for maybe three dishes each, but I would certainly suggest you don’t go with more than that! Especially since there’s a great range of breads to keep you occupied whilst you’re choosing.

Anyway, onto the main event. First up, I went for the Italian Artichokes with an Aioli dip, whilst my friend opted for Lamb Sweetbreads with a Salsa Verde.

I am slightly addicted to Aioli dip, and they went perfectly with the Artichokes, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside! I’m assured the Lamb Sweetbreads were also pretty tasty, but they’re not really my thing if I’m honest!

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the little wooden serving blocks?! Love these!

There’s no particular order to the food when you choose a few dishes at once, they just kind of arrive when they’re ready! Which is totally fine by me, as I love to mix and match and dip in and out of different dishes.

Next up, we had both gone for a little Pizzetta. Tomato, Roast Pepper and Smoked Burrata for me, and Mozzarella, Sprouting Broccoli and Nduja for my accomplice!

Don’t they look tasty (they were, by the way!). Next up and for my final course, I opted for Baby Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Chilli … BIG mistake! The ‘Baby Chicken‘ was not quite so baby and I barely made a dent in it, I’m ashamed to say! Although it was delicious, my poor little tummy did not feel like fitting anything else in!

My companion was slightly more sensible and went for the Crab Ravioli with Tomato and Basil, which was a more sensible portion after two other dishes. Both were as fabulous as all the other courses had been though.

The whole experience was fantastic and the food was truly great, and yes, we did very much enjoy the Prosecco on tap!

If you’re in London, pop in for yourself (book ahead) and try out their tasty treats. You can find Tozi near Victoria station, on 8 Gillingham Street.

Good luck fitting it all in if you go, let me know what you choose to eat?

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