Until recently, I had my very own ideas about what the Playboy Club in London might be like, that is until I visited it with friends for a night out!

I totally had it wrong! Yes, there are girls in bunny outfits, but they are not bearing all, as common misconceptions would have us believe. There are no seedy dark corners where you find lonely business men, and there certainly weren’t any cheap dancers or a single pole in sight!

Instead, you are greeted by the rather plush and well stocked, Salvatore’s Bar. The brain child of Mr Salvatore ‘The Maestro’ Calabrese, infamous for his mixology skills and even more so for his extensive collection of vintage cognacs. Not to my taste, but I’m sure there are plenty of connoisseurs out there, who would welcome sampling a tipple dating back to the 1700’s!

I was there to attend an event with some friends of mine, so after a delicious arrival cocktail in Salvatore’s Bar, we headed through to next room, which instantly seemed far more tailored to my tastes….

Who can resist a Champagne tower, seriously?! Plus, even I have to admit that the bunny girls look very cute! We welcomed a glass of bubbles from the lovely ladies, then headed off to see what else was happening in our new surroundings.

Atmospheric lighting throughout the room shrouded us in a purple haze and lent itself nicely to the Casino themed evening. I probably looked the part, focusing intently on some of the tables, although I was really just trying to understand what on earth was going on … gambling is really not for me! I’ll stick to a game of snap or Monopoly thanks!


Even the bathrooms in the club have a funky atmosphere, not great for retouching your make-up, but quirky nonetheless!

After taking in some casino table fun and chatting with old acquaintances, it was time for the main show.

Entertainment was provided by a live band, followed by fun and games from our hosts from the BNC team. We played head’s or tail’s and higher or lower, with top prize being a rather sparkly pair of Jimmy Choo’s! Obviously I didn’t win these, or you would most definitely have heard about it by now! We even had a little sing along for good measure!

As the night came to a close, I caught up with old friends and made some new fluffy tailed friends! It really was an evening full of surprises and completely changed my perception of theĀ Playboy Club.

If you’re around London and have time to kill, pop in and take advantage of the fab cocktails in Salvatore’s, you won’t regret it! You can find this sophisticated club at 14 Old Park Lane, contact them here if you’d like to book ahead.

Don’t bother asking for a bunny outfit though! Trust me, I tried asking for one as a souvenir to bring back to Jersey, but they didn’t budge! Maybe next time?!


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