One of the things my blog has taught me, is to say yes to everything. Even if I’m not sure of it or if it scares me. This particular project scares the life out of me!

I have agreed to do two weeks of PT sessions with the amazing (and notorious) Hannah Jacques.

She is a legend in Jersey and further a field. You may remember her from winning (and totally bossing) the Radio 1 Superstar DJ competition in 2012, she was amazing, still is, and totally deserves that title! But what you may not know, is that she is also the best personal trainer in Jersey.

Personal training hannah jacques jersey

This is my almost happy face when I started to warm up! I won’t lie, I’d been out to celebrate a friends new business venture the night before, so wasn’t feeling great. But we took things steady with a gentle warm up on the bike!

After that, Hannah showed me how to use the TRX suspension straps, of course she looked like a pro and made it look super easy. Then I tried, and it was soooooo hard! But bear in mind I haven’t been to a gym in 5 years, I think I was doing pretty good at this point…

The rest of my workout involved sit-ups, leg work and planking, which is brutal, but I kind of laughed my way through the whole thing, mostly at my ineptness! Hannah was also so motivational throughout the whole thing and kept pushing me to keep going! 

Personal training hannah jacques jersey

I finished off with 1000m of rowing which was killer, but I managed it and felt great after! And more to the point, I survived.

Personal training hannah jacques jersey

As of today (Tuesday) my arms are useless, my legs are pretty much the same and I’m questioning why I’m doing this. But at the same time, I feel kind of awesome! So I can’t wait to update you on the next 5 sessions over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, you can contact Hannah through her Facebook Page if you’d like to get started on your own fitness journey. Sessions are really reasonable at just £25 per half hour – give it a go! 

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