My PT journey with Hannah continued last week with another 30 minute session up at Fort Regent Leisure Centre.

Given that I was still feeling the burn from my last session, in my arms particularly, we started with a gentle warm up on the summit trainer.

Personal training hannah jacques jersey

All smiles and niceness in the beginning, as usual! I spent 5 minutes on this machine and quickly started to feel the muscles in my legs stretching again, so that smile soon started to fade!

Once thoroughly warmed up, we moved onto the floor and began repetitions of Lunges and  shoulder touches whilst balancing on the stairs. My legs were already getting a bit wobbly at this point!

This was actually easier than I had thought it was gong to be, considering the state my arms were already in! I’m sure it probably helped with my step count also, as you may have spotted, I am now sporting an UP 3 bracelet from Jawbone. I am currently reviewing this for JT Global, so I’ll update you on all it’s greatness in another post at some point!

Next up, was pretty much the nail in my coffin in terms of what I could handle in my PT session! Easily the hardest task I’ve done so far in my training.

We moved up to the punchbag area and set to work on repetitions of jabs, immediately followed by sit up’s and then repeating. This went on for what felt like forever! But Hannah kept driving me through, even when I thought I was about to give in on the sit up’s, she kept on pushing me.

I think these photo’s perfectly sum up the way I felt after this particular activity!

Looking rather red faced and attractive, if I do say so myself! Despite the fact it was so difficult to get through this exercise, I felt amazing for completing it afterwards. There’s no way I would have persevered to this point if Hannah hadn’t been there to drive me along.

I can’t imagine I would even make progress without a PT to push me along actually, this is the main benefit of having them alongside you, Hannah inspires me to keep going and ensures I am doing the right exercises to help me meet my fitness goals.

We finished the session off with another planking challenge! I beat my last time by another 10 seconds, so I’ve got even more pressure to go further next week now!

If you’re thinking of starting out on your fitness journey, I can’t urge you to book in a session with Hannah enough! She’s great fun to work with and keeps you motivated throughout.

You can email her at or call / text her on 07829809414. These 30 minutes sessions cost just £25 each, a bargain for the feeling of accomplishment you get from them.

Happy training!



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