This Easter weekend has just been absolutely jam-packed for me! But in the best way possible, full of friends, food and fun!

To break up all the food and celebrations I already had planned for the weekend, J and I decided to have a little tourist trip out and make the most of the beautiful weather early on Saturday.

He picked me up and we headed off to one of his favourite spots, to feed the ducks and check on the little Easter chicks.

Aren’t they cute?! I actually took about a hundred more photo’s, but thought you’d probably have seen enough with just the few above! Apparently there were many more chicks when J last came a few days before, but unfortunately some of them have now been lost. So if you happen to go and feed the ducks down at Beaumont, please keep an eye on the little ones and make sure they are staying safe!

I haven’t fed ducks for many, many years. I forgot how much fun it actually was, these little guys were hilarious and totally surrounded us when we arrived, very happy to have new friends to play with (or pinch bread from!)

Next up, we headed out to discover another one of Jersey’s historic Dolmens in St Ouen.

Les Monts Grantez Dolmen is a Neolithic passage grave, which was built around 6000 years ago. As with many other Dolmens, it was covered by a mound until around 1912 when it was eventually excavated, leading to eight skeletons being found inside… don’t worry, they aren’t there now!

I climbed inside to take a better look around, and nearly bumped my head a few times on the super low ceiling, it’s a very stirring experience actually being inside such an historic site, and there are so many to be discovered around the island.

One of the best parts of indulging in Jersey’s history, is actually finding it in the fist place, we went on a fantastic adventure to get to this particular Dolmen.

We climbed over the field gate, took a walk around the cliff tops and admired the stunning views over St Ouen, even on a windy day with the grey clouds rolling in, the view out to sea and over the fields is still pretty spectacular.

We clambered through the trees until we came across styles to help us explore even further in to the wilderness.

It’s easy to see why this beautiful memorial bench, carved out of a fallen old tree, was placed in such a spot. You could quite easily spend hours sat here and watching the views change before your eyes.

We found some very funky looking old trees which, despite having clearly been uprooted long ago, were holding their ground and clinging to the cliff. They made for an interesting maze winding up and down through the steep paths and we became young children again for a little while, as we lost ourselves finding secret paths and little dens to hide away in.

I should point out that Conrad and the team at Jersey Tree’s for Life have been doing a great job in this area, maintaining and replanting trees, so please watch your step if you visit!

We even found more new creatures to make friends with during our walk, a fluffy mother and her little lamb were taking shelter under a tree, and looking rather content whilst doing so!

We wandered around exploring nature and history for the afternoon, and I found myself a little chair, carved from a tree, to sit on. J on the other hand, found a really old tree, and decided he was going to try and wrap his arms all the way around it … clearly a pointless endeavour, but he’s never been one to turn away from a challenge!

We found out afterwards that this tree is apparently around 1000 years old and approximately 350 inches all the way around!

We had such a great day doing the simplest of things, not spending a single penny and enjoying the old and new that nature had to offer, as well as learning more about the history of the island.

If you have a day to spare this weekend, go for a walk somewhere you usually wouldn’t, enjoy the views and find some more magical spots in Jersey, it’s so worthwhile. Don’t forget to share them with me if you find any good ones!


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