Every now and then we deserve a little relaxing treat in life, which is why I recently jumped at the chance to enjoy an afternoon with Jo Malone London at Voisins.

Jo Malone London sent out an invitation to join them and experience their new Herb Garden range, with a few little treats thrown in also.


We arrived at the store for our pre-booked appointment and had a little snoop around the shelves full of beautiful smelling perfumes, elaborately decorated bottles and lotions and potions to suit everyone!

Taking up our seats at the high table, we were greeted by two lovely hostesses; Helen was looking after me, and they readily offered us some tasty treats. To keep in fitting with the theme of the event, even the refreshments had been subjected to a herbal make over!

A delicious glass of sparkling English wine started us off, infused with a little sprig of sage, which worked surprisingly well. Followed nicely by homemade biscuits topped with various combinations of herbs, don’t they look pretty?

We settled in nicely, quite ready for the relaxation ahead. The ladies introduced us to the Herb Garden range and invited us to smell each one, letting our noses do the deciding, we talked through our favourites and soon conjured up an individual scent to use in the next steps.

After indulging in all the fragrant scents, our first step was to have our hands and arms washed with our chosen body wash. Helen whipped this up like a mousse in a little cup, to make sure the body wash was nicely lathered up and the delicious smells were released.


Our arms were gently smoothed over with the liquid and patted dry with soft fluffy towels. A process that took only a matter of minutes, but already had us feeling seriously relaxed!

Next up, it was time for our moisturising hand and arm massage. Part of the beauty of Jo Malone London products, is that you can layer them up and make them work together. Our moisturising cream was deliberately a different scent, which was chosen to compliment the body wash.

We actually used a body cream, which is slightly thicker than their body lotion range, as the weather at the time was making everyone’s skin that little bit thirstier!

Helen and I got chatting whilst she pampered me with the amazing products and, I’m not going to lie, the massage was so good that I actually almost lost the ability to speak at one point. Uber relaxing! The massage was finished of with a spritz of our chosen herbal scent and then we were free to go shopping!

I treated myself to the Wood Sage & Sea Salt body and hand wash, which has been delightful to use every morning ever since, such a refreshing scent to wake you up in a morning.

The lovely people at Jo Malone London also sent us away with some free gifts, a little bottle of English Pear and Freesia cologne, which is a nice light and summery scent. We also received a divine body cream which I have been using daily since also, it smells amazing!

But my favourite gift of all, was the very cleverly thought out memento they sent us away with. Something that I can (hopefully) nurture and be proud of over the coming weeks! How great is this little gift?!

I can’t wait to get started on growing my very own herb garden at home, such an amazing idea, the whole event and promotion was very well thought out. Kudos to the marketing team at Jo Malone London!

Oh, and is if that wasn’t enough, I also received this in the post just a few days later….


A personalised thank you from the lovely Helen who looked after me in the store, if that isn’t great customer service, I don’t know what is!

I absolutely loved the whole experience and the quality of the Jo Malone London products, I can’t thank the ladies in store enough. Jo Malone London at Voisins – we will be back!

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss out on future events from Jo Malone, pop in and see the team in store and give them your details, they will then keep you up to date! You can find them here, enjoy! 


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