The sun is starting to shine in Jersey, which means its time to start getting outside and getting active again!

I dived in head first this weekend, luckily not literally, with Jersey Adventures and an active session of abseiling.

The most important thing before any outdoor activity that involves bags of energy though, is a good hearty breakfast to keep you going!

We stopped off at The Wayside Cafe in St Brelade’s Bay for our sustenance…

When the sun shines, the terrace at The Wayside is a stunning spot to take in the beautiful views of the bay, it also helps that the staff are all totally lovely.

Since we were facing some rather daunting challenges ahead, we decided to opt for the biggest breakfast possible … a tasty full English! Everything was cooked perfectly and, considering there were a large group of us, it arrived very promptly!

You can even add a few extra sides to your big breakfast, just in case! Just looking at it all now as I write this, makes me want to eat it all over again!

Anyway, after an overfilling breakfast we went for a little stroll along the front to walk it off, followed by a trip to Jono’s Watersports Shop to browse the summer goodies. After all, the sun is now shining, we have to be prepared for beach days!

Feeling satisfied and ready for the day’s activities ahead, we piled on to our bus and headed off to Noirmont Point to meet John from Jersey Adventures.

The views from the cliff top were stunning, despite the wind howling past us! We did all wonder if hanging off the side of a building on a rope was a great idea, but John assured us it was a great day for it!

This cute little guy you see above ^^ is called Panda, he’s totally adorable and probably braver than all of us put together, running around the edge of observation tower and totally un-phased by heights!

First up, John gave us a safety talk on how to approach the abseiling and gave us more information on the equipment itself, to put everyone at ease. The ropes we were using can hold up to 3 tonnes in some cases, so we were all perfectly sure we were going to be safe!

Before we went on to tackle to the main event, we had a little practice run down the side of the MP1 Coastal Artillery Observation Tower at Noirmont Point.

Perfectly easy and over in seconds! The curved edge on this corner made it really simple to walk over the edge and I was down to the bottom before I knew it.

That didn’t mean the next step was going to be any easier though! I’d already been to the front of the Observation Tower and looked at how far we were going to have to abseil down…. not a great idea!

Heights have never really been a problem for me, I’m not phased by that part. The only problem I had, was the actual ‘getting over the edge part’ at the front of the tower. See, the ledge here isn’t curved, its a sharp edge and means you have to lean back considerably before you even start descending, that’s the part I found difficult!

I was more worried about my feet slipping before I had chance to get going, but I hopped over the railing all the same and started my adventure downwards….

Having made it over the edge, I took the opportunity to glance down and see how far away from solid ground I actually was! It’s an exhilarating feeling and really gets your adrenaline going.

The great thing about this tower, is the gaps you encounter along the way down, so you have to get a little creative in your methods to overcome them … in other words, bounce your way down the tower!

Finally at the bottom, I felt so glad that I’d accomplished the challenge and had the experience.

There were a few people within my group who almost didn’t make it over the side, but John was super encouraging and reassured them that they were in safe hands. They all said they were also so glad that they had gone ahead and taken part, in fact, some even went round a second and third time!

If you’d like to go have this fantastic experience for yourself, contact John on 07797 727503, or visit their website for more information, I’m sure you’ll have a swingin’ time!





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      1. I didn’t know that OUTDOOR GUERNSEY did abseiling. Correction – turns out they do but not on the towers.

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