You may have already seen my previous blog post with JT on the Samsung Gear VR, well, now I have another great product review for you!

The UP3 by Jawbone is the worlds most advanced fitness tracker. It has so many capabilities for tracking your activity and wellbeing.


The lovely team at JT had given me the UP3 to try out during the time I was also doing my PT sessions with Hannah Jacques, so I was expecting some interesting tracking results and information.

First things first though, you need to get your new piece of kit up and running before you can get any results. There are some pretty simple guides online which can answer all of your in-depth questions, but here’s a very quick overview of how to get going.


Unpack the box containing your band and the USB charging cable, you will also need your smartphone and a USB port, such as the one on your laptop.

First up, charge your UP3 band. Simply connect the magnetic pins on the inside of the band, to the corresponding pins on the charging cable, then just plug it into your USB port and off it goes!

Once plugged in, the little lights will flash on the band and continue going through a cycle until it is fully charged, then the little red running man will illuminate once complete, it should only take about an hour and a half.

Now it’s time to get going! You will need to download the UP App onto your device. I won’t bore you with all the further details, but the app will walk you through how to get your device set up and configured to track your movements, it only takes about 5 minutes too.


The great thing about the UP3, is that it doesn’t look like a big clunky mess on your wrist, like some other fitness trackers! You can choose from a range of different colours and the sleek design makes it look like an accessory, you won’t even notice you’re wearing a fitness tracker most of the time. The colour I had went well with my other accessories also, so it was perfect!

But enough of the aesthetic bit, I’m sure you want to know what it can actually do! Well, the possibilities are endless … I’m not even sure I’ve discovered all it can do to be honest, but here’s some of the great things I did experience.

First up, you can set your daily targets for steps and sleep. You can even set a desired weight if you wish, and the app will automatically calculate how long you should be active and what calories you should take in, in order to reach your desired goal. Your daily progress will then show on the homepage whenever you log into the app, keeping you motivated to hit your targets.

There’s also a section which monitors trends in your activity, it’s interesting to be able to look back over what you’ve achieved, although it did highlight that there was absolutely zero consistency in my trends!

If you want to totally invest in all the powers of the UP3, you can also utilise the section of the app which allows you to input your calorie intake. Personally, I’m not a fan of limiting what I eat or drink so long as I make sure it’s a varied diet. Plus, I don’t think it would approve of my wine choice!


I loved the heart rate monitoring feature though, this was really interesting. Having looked back at the graph to show my resting heart rate during sleep, I was totally shocked. Anyone would think I’d danced my way through the night, my heart rate was so erratic! The app also gives you tips and explanations as to why you might have seen changes, which is useful.

My favourite feature by far however, was the sleep tracker, this is just fascinating! The lines you see in the screen shots above, show the amount of deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep you’ve gotten during the night, and how many times you woke up.

I was totally shocked by the results of my sleep tracking. I was waking up 2-3 times a night, barely making 20 minutes of deep sleep and the highest REM sleep I achieved was about an hour, no wonder I was feeling totally shattered! The app does pop up with suggestions to help improve your sleep and fitness now and again though, such as the one you see above, and you can choose to accept or decline its suggestions.


I have made certain changes to my lifestyle as a result of wearing the band, which have positively impacted my sleep routine and wellbeing. I can certainly recommend trying it out for yourself, I think you’ll be quite surprised by the results.

The icing on the cake though, is that you can add the UP3 as a device to your existing JT pay monthly plan, which means you will pay just £6 per month over two years. What’s not to love about that! It also works with your existing app’s, such as Strava etc.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to JT and pick up yours now. Don’t forget to let me know how you get on?

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  1. I am a huge fan of Jawbone….Jawbone UP was my first fitness tracker. The app was amazing, the band was adorable and customer service was good. Therefore, when UP24 came out I got it. UP24 had issues…it used to stop working abruptly. When it did work, it was perfect. UP3 is my latest buy…the feel and fit is amazing. The app is beautiful and the coach that sends updates is also a great feature. The frustrating issue that I have is that it goes into sleep mode automatically during daytime. Another issue is that it gives me only resting heart rate and not while exercising.

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